Best Hair Transplant Clinics and Surgeons in Bakersfield

Hair thinning is a common problem in Bakersfield, affecting people of all ages. Many individuals are troubled by their hair thinning for one cause and are considering getting hair implants as a possible solution. Some of Bakersfield’s most reputable hair transplant facilities and surgeons are the following list.

Meshkin Medical Hair Restoration Clinic

meshkin medical

Dr. Meshkin has been a specialist in hair transplantation for more than 25 years, and during that time, he has traveled the globe in search of the most effective treatments and methods in hair restoration. Hair loss is a gradual condition that can affect either males or women. The practice of hair transplants has undergone a dramatic transformation in recent years because of the development of cutting-edge technology that creates more realistic results.

Dr. Meshkin can now execute hair transplantation that is undetectable from a person’s natural hair by using new state-of-the-art methods, like follicular unit transplantation (F.U.T.) or follicular unit extraction (F.U.E.).

Dr. Sean Behnam

dermatology hair restoration

In the middle of Los Angeles, you’ll find hair restoration surgeon and hair thinning expert Dr. Sean Behnam M.D. He specializes in both fields. He is committed to making the most recent discoveries in science and technology available to those afflicted with hair thinning. He conducts a thorough medical evaluation at each consultation, which he does at no cost to the patient.

Dr. Ben Behnam, a co-worker at the office, specializes in dermatology and hair thinning. Newsweek magazine ranked their facility in Los Angeles, which specializes in dermatology and hair transplant, as one of the top 10 medical facilities in the entirety of the United States.

Dr. Behnam, M.D. is committed to providing care of the best possible standard to each patient. He provides each patient with information on the most current treatments and technologies for hair loss. Because he knows the potential significance of a person’s hair to their overall health, he approaches each appointment as a medical checkup rather than an opportunity to make a sale.

He will not suggest a hair transplant operation unless he is confident that the client will have an excellent outcome, and he will recommend an alternative treatment if he believes it is possible to prevent the need for surgery.

His idea of performing only one operation allows him to provide each patient with the individualized care necessary for them to feel at ease. The F.U.E. operation and the strip procedure are within his scope of expertise. He is dedicated to treating hair thinning with the dignity and consideration it merits.

Dr. Sean Behnam has carried out every one of the over 1,000 surgeries he has conducted throughout his career. He ensures an appearance that is both long-lasting and natural. Dr. Sean Behnam is devoted to his work as an innovator, innovator, and mentor; nevertheless, he is most significant as an artist

Dr. Sean’s purpose and philosophy in performing any transplant, be it hair transplantation or an eyebrow transplant, is to provide patients with the most aesthetic outcomes possible while still giving the finest quality care. He limits the number of operations he does each day to a single one, and Dr. Sean takes extra precautions to ensure that he and his team are hurried.

The initial consultation marks the beginning of the entire procedure. During this appointment, Dr. Sean will carefully analyze your medical background and hair thinning history and assess your expectations and goals.

Post Op

After the operation, Dr. Sean goes over all of the post-operative instructions individually, and you are given sufficient opportunity to ask any pertinent questions that may have arisen.

After that, he gives the patient his mobile phone number to contact him. To ensure that his patients receive the highest possible quality of treatment, satisfaction, and outcomes, Dr. Sean encourages them to schedule multiple follow-up appointments with him over the coming weeks.

Dr. Sean has long been a hands-on person who pays close attention to detail. Dr. Sean takes pleasure in spending ample time with each patient, beginning with the first consultation and continuing through the follow-up appointment after the patient has reached their total growth, to answer any questions or address any concerns they may have.

It is all a result of his level of comprehension and empathy. He is aware of the importance that one’s outward look plays in one’s overall health. Therefore, no concern is unimportant, no query is unworthy of a response, and no matter how little the detail may seem, Dr. Sean believes that every patient has the right to feel at ease and be aware that he is approachable.

Jeffrey James Crowley, MD

bakersfield dermatology

Jeffrey J. Crowley, MD Since 1996, he has maintained the Board Certification in Dermatology through the American Board of Dermatology. In 1992, he received his medical degree from the Stanford University School of Medicine. 1992 to 1996: Completed an internship and residency in dermatology at Stanford University.

In Dermatology, he was the Chief Resident at Stanford University in 1995. A member of the American Medical Association, the American Academy of Dermatology, and the American Society for Mohs Surgery.

Dr. Crowley holds a position on the teaching staff at Stanford University and UCLA. He is educated in all facets of dermatology, notably dermatopathology, dermatologic surgery, and Mohs micrographic surgery.

Hair Clinic by Best Hair Transplant Clinic

Best Hair Transplant quickly rose to prominence in both the domestic and international press because of its consistently positive outcomes in the rapidly evolving health sector. This popularity is mainly attributable to the excellent quality of the organization’s output. Successful efforts have expanded throughout various sectors, and the foundation for these works comes from earlier remarkable outcomes.

Hair Clinic by Best Hair Transplant Clinic, favored by many countries, particularly in the United States and Europe, has the vision to enhance the service quality provided internationally with its medical experts in their respective areas of expertise.


An excellent hair transplant involves a high level of artistic detail. You can achieve a natural look with modern hair transplantation by using donor hair to simulate natural hair growth. Working alongside a surgeon with a valid board certification is the only way to ensure the best results.


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