Best Hair Transplant Clinics and Surgeons in Cleveland

Most people are bothered by hair loss because it results in an undesirable alteration to their look, and they may feel irritated because there are not many effective treatments that are widely available. Individuals can have a renewed sense of confidence due to the full, thick, and beautiful hair that is restored via the use of minimally intrusive and economical procedures. There are, fortunately, several therapies that can assist in either restoring hair loss or promoting new hair growth. The following is a list of Cleveland’s most well-regarded hair transplant surgeons and clinics.

Van Scoy Hair Clinics

van scoy hair clinic

The Van Scoy Hair Clinics was founded as and remains a family-owned and -operated business. In 1969, Dennis and Sandra Van Scoy launched the company by opening the doors to their first site in Ashland, Ohio. Since then, they have expanded their business by opening two new areas with the assistance of their sons Scott and Todd in Columbus and Cleveland, respectively.

The Van Scoy family is immensely proud that their name is associated with the services offered at their clinics, which offer the most cutting-edge hair loss treatments on the market. Due to their professionalism and years of experience, they are the most highly regarded provider of hair loss therapies in Ohio. Furthermore, they have three sites, one in Columbus, Ashland, and Cleveland, enabling them to serve customers from all across the state. Their goal is to assist customers in experiencing a sense of authenticity in their everyday lives.

The Van Scoy family has made hair restoration their life’s work. Their area of expertise lies in assisting customers in locating solutions appropriate for the particular form of hair loss they are experiencing and the financial constraints they face. They take great satisfaction in their ability to manage customers’ expectations regarding hair loss remedies. They can deliver outstanding outcomes, and they will never mislead you about what they are capable of accomplishing for you. Restoring lost or damaged hair is unquestionably an art form. Because every customer is different, no two treatments or experiences are the same. More than 44 years have passed since the Van Scoy family began studying how to cater to the unique requirements of individual patients.

Its mission is to offer the most effective treatment options for both genders undergoing hair restoration due to thinning hair brought on by many conditions, including alopecia, chemotherapy, and hereditary hair loss. Both non-surgical and surgical approaches to treating hair loss are their areas of expertise.  Van Scoy can help you find the best hair restoration solution, whether it be the treatment of hair loss solutions, human hair wigs, or the most recent technological advancements in hair replacement choices.

Balance Hair Restoration

balance hair restoration

Losing one’s hair can be a stressful experience. While many specialists provide hair transplant techniques like FUE and FUT, there aren’t nearly as many who have actually dealt with hair loss themselves. Dr. Malhotra has personally experienced hair loss and has had three different surgeries performed to restore his hair. He has first-hand experience with hair restoration techniques as a doctor and patient.

When Dr. Malhotra was in his late teens, he first noticed that he was losing his hair. In college, he recalls hearing others talk of Rogaine and hair loss. He also recalls the hopelessness he felt as his hair began to thin. Before deciding that hair transplantation was the best option for him, Dr. Malhotra explored a myriad of hair loss treatments, including an unpleasant-smelling trial with mustard oil.

As someone who has undergone hair restoration surgery, Dr. Malhotra is in a unique position to advise and assist his patients through the transplantation procedure. He is aware of both the concerns and the inquiries. Dr. Malhotra’s previous experience as a recipient of hair restoration treatments has equipped him with the understanding and compassion essential for successfully performing hair transplant surgeries.

Dr. Malhotra is regarded as one of the foremost authorities on hair restoration. Because Dr. Malhotra is confident in his method and the outcomes it produces, he provides a graft development pledge. This pledge guarantees that you will see benefits from the money you invest in a hair transplant. To produce hairlines for both genders that have the appearance of being naturally grown, he and his team make use of cutting-edge procedures and technology. Among these are the following techniques and technologies:

Sapphire Tip

Even in regions with extensive hair loss, improved hair density is possible with a sapphire tip. The unique tip makes a narrower passageway for hair transplants and causes less injury to the area that will receive the grafts.

Hidden Donor Technique

For individuals requiring fewer than 1400 grafts, Dr. Malhotra conceals the donor location by employing a subtle and effective procedure. This cutting-edge method ensures that patients can keep their hair in various fashions with complete confidence following their hair restoration treatment.


Follicular unit extraction is a specialty in which Dr. Malhotra excels. FUE is considered the gold standard in hair restoration since it is less intrusive than the previous techniques used for hair replacement. It generates an aesthetic hairline that appears to have grown naturally.


Dr. Malhotra preserves each graft in a solution regulated for the temperature to increase the likelihood that it will survive and improve your outcome. These very same treatments are employed to house human organs awaiting transplantation.

Zeiss Scope

To examine the scalp and achieve optimal results with graft extraction and implantation, Dr. Malhotra uses specialized lighting and a high-powered Zeiss scope equipped with Superman magnification.

Balance Hair Restoration is known for producing some of the finest natural-looking effects in the state, thanks to its cutting-edge hair restoration treatments and double board-certified plastic surgeon.

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Hair Transplant For 3000 Grafts?

When it comes to the overall cost of the procedure, hair transplants that do a significantly higher amount of grafts in a single session typically cost less per graft. For instance, the price of 3,000 grafts may be $12,000, which would come out to $4 for each transplant.


When it comes to hair transplantation, having the assistance of a skilled professional can make all the distinctions in the world. If you want the most satisfactory results, find the most competent surgeon for the treatment you need.


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