Best Hair Transplant Clinics and Surgeons in Detroit

Hair loss is not always preventable; however, procedures and therapies are available for those experiencing it. The following is a list of some of Detroit’s most well-regarded hair transplant clinics and surgeons.

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MI Hair Restoration

michigan hair restoration

Dr. Yates is well recognized as a leading authority in the field of follicular unit extraction. Because he is so devoted to, and sure of, the fact that this method is superior to more conventional approaches, he employs it exclusively while performing hair transplantation, which is a highly skilled procedure. Due to the unique expertise, he possesses, Dr. Yates is considered to be among the elite surgeons.

He conducts recovery and repair treatments on clients who have had noticeable scars; old-fashioned and unattractive plug surgeries; and unique body hair (beard, back, and chest hair) harvesting for transplant for people who are “tapped out” of the donor’s hair.

Dr. Yates is devoted entirely to the practice of hair restoration. For more than a decade, he has focused only on practicing and improving cutting-edge methods of hair restoration surgery. Dr. Yates holds board certification, serving on the board and as an examiner for the board. He does not give the task to a technician or a physician’s assistant to care for him. Even more impressive is that he removes every hair single-handedly, with a transection percentage of fewer than 3%.

Dr. Yates only employs tried-and-true medical practices and cutting-edge risk-free procedures that produce excellent outcomes. As a result of the fact that Dr. Yates focuses solely on baldness and hair restoration, he can outperform his competitors, who merely add these treatments to their already extensive service lines in terms of his level of expertise and experience. In addition, Dr. Yates is a Restoration Robotics Physician, and his clinic features a Staff Training Center for Robotic Surgery and FUE. His facility also serves as a beta test facility for new developments and research conducted by Restoration Robotics. Dr. Yates has contributed to both the textbooks and the publications devoted to the field of hair transplantation.

Travel Concierge

Patients come to see Dr. Yates from around the country and other countries because of the unique nature of his expertise. They provide travel concierge services, so your journey, procedure, and aftercare give you the best human experience possible.

Patient Safety

At all times, every patient care standard is upheld under the direction and supervision of a Registered Nurse. Because there is relatively little regulation or control in the hair restoration field, physicians’ honesty and reputation are crucial in determining patient safety.


Dr. Yates personally chooses every member of the staff. The entire team has a combined total of decades of expertise working in the field of medicine and restoring hair. Everyone is passionate about their work and takes great pride in providing the highest quality of treatment and outcomes to every patient who walks through the doors of one of the locations.

Drs. Berry, Tessler & Aronovitz

berry tessler arnovitz

Since 1974, the medical professionals at Drs. Berry, Tessler, and Aronovitz have provided patients with natural-looking results from hair replacement surgeries. The competence in finding both gratifying solutions now and in the long term is enhanced as a result of the illumination they have acquired from this experience.

The teamwork of Dr. Aronovitz and Dr. Berry has resulted in establishing one of the most knowledgeable and committed hair loss clinics in the United States. They have successfully assisted many patients in their latter teens and early 80s in permanently recovering their hair.  Because of their years of experience and extensive knowledge, you can rely on them to assist you in accurately determining what is ideal for you.

Dr. Ali Berry completed his undergraduate studies in Biochemistry at the University of Michigan-Dearborn in 1998. He then acquired his medical degree at Wayne State University School of Medicine in 2002, being awarded a high academic distinction. Dr. Ali became interested in skin surgery, hair loss, and complex medical dermatology there. He is an active participant in clinical research and has several papers on various diseases and disorders.

Dr. Ali has 15 years of practice in the medical and surgical therapy of hair loss. Dr. Berry worked as a staff physician in the Henry Ford Health System Department of Dermatology. There, he instructed future dermatologists on how to do skin surgery, including complex procedures involving the face, scalp, and neck. Dr. Berry has also been an adjunct professor at the Wayne State University School of Medicine and the Indiana State University Department of Applied Medicine and Rehabilitation since 2006.

In these capacities, he has aided professors in the teaching of dermatology. He is an active participant in the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery and an associate participant in the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons (ISHRS). Dr. Berry is experienced in all methods of hair restoration treatments, such as strip FUT, powered FUE, and manual. He has recently become the sole provider of the ARTAS robotic transplantation process in the greater Detroit area.

Dr. Leonard Aronovitz, a physician and surgeon who has been in practice for more than 30 years, has committed the entirety of his time during the last 23 years to hair restoration surgery. He has carried out thousands of treatments with the tiny graft technique during this time. Dr. Aronovitz has also been included in The Best Doctors in America every year since it was first published in 1996.

Dr. Aronovitz is a member of the clinic’s surgical team, and every year, he is responsible for performing numerous hair transplant surgeries. From 1969 to 1994, Dr. Aronovitz operated a successful private medical practice in which he primarily focused on general care and surgery. In addition, he taught family medicine at Michigan State University from 1974 until 1994. His tenure there lasted 20 years. Dr. Aronovitz focuses solely on hair transplant surgery at this point in his career. Regularly attending medical forums where other specialists in the industry get together to share and discuss the most recent information on the development of hair transplant technology is one of his daily routines.


When you choose one of these clinics, you can have peace of mind knowing that you will be cared for by the most competent hair restoration surgeon possible and that you are in the most capable hands possible.

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