Best Hair Transplant Clinics and Surgeons in Honolulu

Loss of hair might make you appear older than you are. The condition of your appearance will change when your hair falls out. It has an impact not just on how you see yourself but on how other people see you.

Hair transplants have the potential to enhance one’s look significantly. You will look forward to seeing what you look like in the mirror each morning when you get up. The operation not only helps you feel and seem more attractive, but it also gives you a younger appearance. The following is a list of the most highly regarded hair transplant surgeons that can be found in Honolulu.

Natural Transplants

Natural Transplant Hair Restoration

Natural Transplants has a team of committed hair restoration professionals based in the surrounding area that focuses entirely on assisting people experiencing hair loss. Together, they have handled and resolved thousands of hair loss situations throughout their careers, earning them a stellar reputation in their industry. Their highly effective methodology and years of experience are imperative for them to deliver world-class results to their customers.


A certified medical doctor and hair transplant surgeon, Dr. Huebner graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology in 1999. He went on to become a registered medical doctor. After completing his education and gaining experience working on his own, Dr. Huebner decided to establish Natural Transplants Hair Restoration Clinic, which first opened its doors in 2014. Dr. Huebner built the hair transplant facility to provide patients with the best possible experience while simultaneously achieving outstanding results.

Dr. Jaime Rosenzweig

During her attendance at a comprehensive lecture and workshop in the year 2010, Dr. Rose developed an interest in hair restoration. After gaining experience in aesthetic medicine for several years, she has decided to pursue a career in hair transplants because this field allows her to merge her interests in both the arts and the medical field.

She decided to finish the extensive HUE Method training program offered by the Natural Transplants Hair Restoration Clinic with Dr. Matt Huebner. After completing the training, Dr. Rose pursued a medical career by becoming a medical staff member at Natural Transplants in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Dr. Harold Siegel

Dr. Matt Huebner, a friend and colleague of Dr. Siegel’s is the Chief Medical Director of Natural Transplants, Hair Restoration Clinic. Dr. Huebner was the one who first introduced Dr. Siegel to the concept of hair transplants. After completing a comprehensive training program for hair restoration and successfully perfecting the unique HUE Method, he started performing hair loss treatment treatments at the Fort Lauderdale Clinic.

Dr. Blumenthal

Dr. Blumenthal’s interest in hair restoration began when he saw the incredible results produced by his medical school classmate, Dr. Matt Huebner, the founder of Natural Transplants, Hair Restoration Clinic and a world-renowned hair transplant surgeon.

Dr. Blumenthal is thrilled to bring the top-notch prestige and world-class outcomes of Natural Transplants to Bethesda, Maryland, and the greater Mid-Atlantic Region. Dr. Huebner has provided him extensive training in the innovative HUE Method, and Dr. Blumenthal has taken full advantage of this training.

Shim Ching MD-Asia Pacific Plastic Surgery

ShimChing MD

To give you the most natural appearance possible, the hair restoration techniques that they use at the clinic incorporate the most cutting-edge hair transplant procedures currently on the market. They restore hair utilizing a method known as follicular unit extraction or FUE.

This method can provide you with the maximum number of hair transplants, the shortest possible length of recuperation time, and the most remarkable scarless outcomes. In these operations, naturally occurring follicular units on the scalp are artificially implanted so that new hair can develop in its place. Because we use the tiniest grafts that are humanly feasible, the outcomes of our hair restoration appear natural and cannot be identified.

Even while you might not start losing your hair until midlife or later, the fact is that your hair follicles were already programmed to start thinning out when you reach maturity. Unfortunately, when this process begins, it will never stop, no matter how long you live.

The surgical procedure for replacing lost hair involves moving follicles from one part of the scalp to another of the recipient’s scalp. Most men have a healthy number of hair follicles, including those guys with severe baldness stages. These so-called “permanent hairs” are more prevalent in some head areas.

The follicular unit extraction approach is utilized by the ARTAS device, which is considered one of the most prominent hair restoration tools available today. In the Honolulu, Hawaii office, Dr. Ching can undertake hair restoration procedures in an environment that is both comfortable and secure.

Thomas Rosanelli, M.D.

tom rosanelli

Hair Restoration has been the primary focus of Dr. Rosanelli’s Cosmetic Surgery practice for the past thirty years. Rosanelli Medical Associates, which has its headquarters in San Francisco and also maintains offices in Hawaii and Northern California, was established by him.

Dr. Rosanelli is a sole practitioner, differentiating him from many other medical groups that employ physicians with varying levels of competence. As a result, he examines each patient throughout their journey to restore their hair.

Dr. Rosanelli is a pioneer in many of the most recent advances in non-surgical and surgical techniques for hair restoration. Some of these techniques include mega-sessions and micro-grafting. Dr. Rosanelli served as a past president of the American Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ASHRS) and was a founding partner of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS).

Patients now have access to the most advanced therapies for hair loss thanks to his most recent work with ARTAS, FUE, and PRP. Dr. Rosanelli received his medical training at Georgetown University School of Medicine after completing his studies at the University of Notre Dame. His initial training as a surgeon was completed in San Francisco, after which he went on to specialize in hair restoration. In the ongoing investigation and therapy of hair loss, he continues to collaborate with medical professionals all around the United States.


To keep up with the latest developments in hair restoration, it takes an experienced and motivated surgeon. You can count on board-certified specialists to offer you the best in medical hair transplants explicitly tailored to meet your requirements.

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