Best Hair Transplant Clinics and Surgeons in Lexington

Hair transplantation is a procedure that can be accomplished using various methods, much like practically every other medical treatment. The following is a list of Lexington’s most well-regarded hair transplant surgeons and clinics.

Aslı Tarcan Clinic

asli tarcan clinic

Asli Tarcan, which consistently attracts everyone’s attention due to its practical work in the rapidly evolving health sector, gained notoriety in the local and worldwide press thanks mainly to the excellent quality of the outcomes it produces. Successful efforts have expanded throughout various sectors, and the foundation for these works comes from earlier remarkable effects.

Hair Clinic by Asl Tarcan Clinic, favored in many nations, particularly in Europe and the United States, has a mission to increase the standard of services provided abroad with its skilled specialists in their respective fields of specialization. Under the banner of the Asl Tarcan Clinic, Asl Tarcan and her associates got their professional careers off the ground. They began offering their services to elevate the general population’s living level.

Asl Tarcan Clinic, which consistently achieves the highest levels of success in the rapidly evolving health sector, has gained widespread notoriety in both local and international press, mainly due to the quality of its services. The institution’s history has been preserved, establishing the groundwork for future achievements and ensuring that successful efforts have spread to all areas of the organization.

Asl Tarcan Clinic, favored by many countries, particularly in North America and Europe, has a mission to increase the quality of service provided to people worldwide by utilizing the years of experience accumulated by its physicians in their respective fields of specialization. In this medical center, they provide services that comply with the most recent products of technologies in areas such as cosmetic and plastic surgery, hair transplantation, medical aesthetics, dental aesthetics, and obesity surgery.

Hair Institute of Lexington

hair institute lexington

They are experts in the most recent breakthroughs in surgical and non-surgical hair regrowth solutions, low-level laser hair treatment, hair prostheses, hair enhancements, and hair extensions. You should choose them for the following:

  • Consultation and services are strictly private and kept in the strictest confidence at all times.
  • Professionals with Expertise in Hair Replacement and Facilities of the Highest Quality
  • Unrivaled Dedication to Every Client
  • Unnoticeable Hair Replacement and Hair Restoration Methods.

The psychological and social repercussions of thinning hair in both genders can affect every facet of an individual’s life. The mission of the Hair Institute is to help individuals regain their confidence and sense of self-worth by providing them with various hair restoration choices.

The disorder known as hair loss is very upsetting. At Hair Institute, it is their goal to provide both genders with various options that are invisible to others and that nearly approximate the appearance, style, and thickness of hair that each client has before the onset of hair loss.

The fact that they care about clients is the primary factor that makes Hair Institute the greatest. They are concerned about you and are aware of the significance of having beautiful hair. They are not satisfied unless you are, which is why they strive to provide you with the highest possible standard of both products and services.

Everyone who works at The Hair Institute is appropriately licensed and has completed significant hair restoration training, including annual continuing education sessions. The employees are aware of the significance of maintaining client anonymity and make every effort to create an atmosphere that is calm and inviting for all clients.

Eric Johnson

Eastern Kentucky University has produced two sets of graduates for the Hair Institute, and one of those graduates is Eric Johnson. In 1996, he launched Hair Institute to offer all of the most recent and cutting-edge hair restoration alternatives in one location to meet the requirements of males and females suffering from hair loss in Kentucky and the states surrounding it.


Since then, Hair Institute has grown to become an industry leader in the area of hair replacement and hair restoration operations, offering unrivaled goods and services all over the world.

Jeletta Johnson

Jeletta Johnson, one of the co-owners of Hair Institute, attended Vogue College of Hair Design in Cincinnati, Ohio, from 1987 until graduation. Jeletta has more than 28 years of combined expertise as a cosmetologist and hair replacement technician. In addition, she attends yearly continuing education workshops in the constantly evolving field of hair replacement.

Because of her education and work experience, Jeletta can serve Hair Institute clients with unparalleled quality and service. The employees are aware of the significance of maintaining client anonymity and make every effort to create an atmosphere that is calm and inviting for all clients.

United Hair Clinic

united hair clinic

People who are struggling with hair loss might benefit from the remedies provided by United Hair Clinic. Because they have worked in this field for more than ten years, the physicians at the practice can give you a flawlessly revitalized appearance.

The clients come from all over the world to receive treatment at the clinic in Yerevan, Armenia, as well as an exceptional tourism package, and they maintain a long-term relationship with every one of them. Yerevan’s United Hair Clinic was founded in 2018 by a group of foreign partners with extensive expertise in the field of hair transplantation. The clinic is located in Armenia. All of the experts that work at the center have more than ten years of expertise in their respective fields. You can view and enjoy their top outcomes, which were achieved using the FUE and FUT methods.

Being among the most reputable medical facilities in the area, they are delighted to be in a position to provide patients with access to the most advanced technologies. It doesn’t just assist them in regaining their stunningly attractive natural appearance but also allows them to experience an unforgettable vacation.

They have a long-term relationship with their customers from all over the world, many of whom come to the facility in Armenia (Yerevan) to receive treatment and to take advantage of the one-of-a-kind tourism package.


Hair transplants can now offer simple and effective treatments to people experiencing hair loss, thanks to the technology available today. Through hair transplantation, those who have experienced hair loss can achieve the thick, luxuriant hair of their desires in a relatively short amount of time.


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