Best hair transplant clinics and surgeons in Milwaukee

Hair thinning is a typical problem for both sexes. Whether caused by heredity, hormonal shifts, illness, or simply the passage of time, this condition can undermine self-esteem and reduce happiness. There is no comparison between the effectiveness of hair restoration procedures and that of a lifetime’s worth of using shampoos and other hair care products purchased at a drugstore. Individual results may vary, but those who adhere to the prescribed maintenance and treatment programme for follicular unit extraction and strip harvesting can expect permanent benefits. In the end, you’ll be taking care of your own scalp and hair follicles. Keep in mind, too, that the average person who seeks hair restoration is far younger than you might imagine. The sooner you begin a genuine hair restoration procedure, the longer you will benefit from the effects. The purpose of this article is to introduce you to a few of Milwaukee’s finest hair transplant clinics and surgeons.

Best hair transplant clinics and surgeons in Milwaukee

1-   HairClub


The Wauwatosa HairClub location can be found in Milwaukee County, just west of downtown Milwaukee, and is easily accessible via Route 100 and Route 41. Their warm and welcoming crew is prepared and eager to exceed the expectations of each and every one of their customers. The Wauwatosa HairClub has been in operation for over 21 years, and throughout that time, they have assisted thousands of customers in attaining the thick, healthy hair that they have always dreamed of having. Their team of professionals offers patients individualised solutions that address a wide range of concerns, from security to appearance. The EXT Extreme Hair Therapy® Program is available at this facility, which helps to promote stronger and healthier hair. This all-inclusive programme combines HairClub’s® Salon Services with their cutting-edge, specially developed products to give you the best possible outcomes in terms of hair restoration. Jameelah, who has a great deal of experience in the administrative and medical management fields, is in charge of running the clinic. Jameelah has established herself as an asset to the Hair Club during the course of her tenure there. She manages the centre in an efficient and professional manner, and she considers it her top priority to deliver the absolute best experience possible for her clients. Every patient who goes into the HairClub will receive compassionate treatment as well as solutions that are both effective and efficient, thanks to Jameelah’s leadership. When a patient comes to the Wauwatosa centre, she and her colleagues put in a lot of effort to make sure that they have the very best experience possible there.

2-   Illume Cosmetic Surgery

Illume Cosmetic Surgery is the largest cosmetic surgery and medspa practise in the Milwaukee area. As a result, they are able to offer the most comprehensive range of treatment options and make use of cutting-edge technology, both of which are frequently out of the financial reach of more modest practises. In this particular market, Illume Cosmetic Surgery is the only cosmetic surgery facility that features two separate operating rooms. Their Waukesha clinic provides patients with an operating room that is approved by Medicare, and their Glendale clinic offers a second operating room for their patients’ added convenience. Both clinics are located in Wisconsin. The highest possible quality of care can be obtained in a single visit to Illume Cosmetic Surgery & Medspa, which is a one-stop medical facility. Each patient at Illume Cosmetic Surgery receives the most natural looking result possible thanks to the technical and aesthetic expertise of the board-certified plastic surgeons who work there. Both the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and the Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) Donor Strip harvesting techniques are utilised by their plastic surgeons according on the individual requirements and characteristics of each patient. Their plastic surgeons use cutting-edge technology instead of a scalpel to comfortably remove individual hair follicles from the patient’s sides and back of their scalp, which is referred to as the donor site. These hair follicles are then re-implanted in the area of the scalp where the patient is experiencing hair loss. The end result is a hairline that seems broader and more natural, and there is no visible scarring. The FUE treatment is one that may be performed on either males or females.

3-   Thomas G. Korkos, MD

Tom Korkos, MD, has been in private practise since July of 1996, and he was just named the best cosmetic surgeon in Milwaukee by Milwaukee Magazine and the Milwaukee Shepherd Express. He graduated from the Medical College of Wisconsin where he also completed a general surgery residency and a fellowship in plastic surgery. With the help of his father, Dr. Tom Korkos founded the Bluemound Cosmetic Surgical Center in 1996. The American Board of Plastic Surgery initially certified him in 1998, and he has since been recertified in 2008 and 2018. He was invited to join the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in May of 2002 as a result of the high volume of successful cosmetic surgery procedures he had performed. He’s a veteran of many different organisations, including the Wisconsin Society of Plastic Surgeons, where he served as president. Current position: Mock Oral Examiner and Clinical Associate Professor in the Plastic Surgery Division, Medical College of Wisconsin. He is responsible for helping residents get ready for their oral certification exams in this role. In addition, he helps train future physicians’ assistants by serving as a Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Health Professions Education at Marquette University’s College of Health Science. He is also a clinical instructor for the family medicine residents at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Waukesha. Eighty percent of Dr. Korkos’ work is focused on cosmetic procedures and twenty percent on reconstructive procedures due to the breadth of his practise and the breadth of his training in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery. When it comes to his work, he takes great pride in his achievements and aspires to the highest levels of excellence.


4-   Dr. Yates Hair Science Group

De. Yates

Dr. Yates Hair Science Group gives people who are losing their hair the most up-to-date ways to deal with it. They have broken down the traditional, old-fashioned corporate model for Hair Transplantation and only offer the best and newest ways to deal with hair loss for each patient. Follicular Unit Extraction is an area where Dr. Yates is known as a world-class expert. He is so passionate and sure that this method is better than other methods that he only does hair transplants using this highly skilled method. Because of his specialised skills, Dr. Yates is one of the few surgeons who can teach and train other doctors around the world to use this specialised technique. Dr. Yates is also very good at restoring facial hair like moustaches, goatees, eyebrows, and beards. He helps people who have many visible scars recover and fix them. He also does old-fashioned and unpopular plug procedures and creative body hair harvesting (beard, chest, and back hair) for transplants for people who are “tapped out” of donor hair in the back of their head. Dr. Yates only works on restoring hair.

He has only done cutting-edge hair restoration surgery for more than 10 years, during which time he has perfected it. He is board-certified and a member of the board. He also tests people for the board. He has done thousands of procedures, all of which he has done himself. He doesn’t give the work to a technician or a physician’s assistant. He even pulls out all of the hair himself, and less than 3% of them break off. This is the most important step in getting high-quality grafts for the best results, and Dr. Yates feels very strongly that only a skilled doctor should do it. When you choose Dr. Yates, you can be sure that you will be taken care of by the best and most qualified hair restoration surgeon.

5-   Transitions Of Wisconsin

transitions of wisconsin

Transitions of Wisconsin has been a recognised industry leader in hair restoration for several decades. In 1965, when they were just getting started, they were working as stylists. Almost immediately, it was made abundantly evident to them that a significant number of people in Milwaukee deal with hair loss and are unsure of where to get assistance. They started researching all of the latest and best hair restoration alternatives, and ever since then, they’ve taken great satisfaction in being on the cutting edge of the industry. They now run one of the most successful hair restoration clinic in Milwaukee. They take great satisfaction in the fact that they are able to provide each patient with a unique solution, one that has been specifically selected to address the client’s individual concerns regarding hair loss. They haven’t come into a problem that they haven’t been able to fix, which leads them to the conclusion that hair restoration is possible for anyone. The first step in their process is a consultation. These consultations are provided at no cost, and they take place in an atmosphere that is both private and unhurried within the studio. During these sessions, their stylists are able to employ specialised cameras to see what is happening at the micro level of their clients’ scalps. This might provide them a clue as to what’s truly causing your hair loss. From there, the Transitions team will be able to guide you through some potential solutions that they believe would satisfy your requirements.

They provide a wide variety of solutions to their patients. They are pleased to offer individualised hair solutions to both men and women, which eliminate the requirement for invasive surgical procedures but still result in a full and healthy head of hair. However, they are able to provide assistance with hair transplants for everyone who is interested in getting one. They are also enthusiastic about trichology, which is a subspecialty of dermatology that focuses on the hair follicles and the scalp. Their hairstylists are able to offer a wide variety of tailor-made trichology solutions and scalp treatments, ranging from medicated products to laser hair growth therapy. These can all assist you in battling the underlying causes of hair loss. It is possible for a patient to look and feel like themselves again, even if they have lost a significant amount of hair and regardless of the cause of the hair loss. That is the message that they share with men and women all around the city of Milwaukee.

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