Best Hair Transplant Clinics and Surgeons in Minneapolis

Hair loss can significantly affect a person’s mental health, particularly if it begins at a young age. This is especially true for women. You can restore confidence in your look through compassionate and individualized treatment for hair loss provided by trained professionals. The improvements in technology that have occurred in recent times have made it possible to create a variety of hair transplant systems that can effectively regenerate fuller and healthier hair. Below is a list of hair transplant clinics and surgeons in Minneapolis.

Shapiro Medical Group

Shapiro Medical Group

Shapiro Medical Group has been acknowledged globally over the past quarter of a century as a pioneer and educator in cutting-edge medical therapy for patients experiencing hair loss. This recognition has come from both other doctors and patients.

Over one hundred conferences in over fifty countries have welcomed doctors from Shapiro Medical Group to give presentations and exhibit cutting-edge surgical procedures. One of the most important contributors to the textbook titled “Hair Transplantation” is Dr. Ron Shapiro. It is frequently referred to as “the bible of hair transplantation” and is utilized by medical professionals worldwide to learn about hair transplantation.

The doctors at Shapiro Medical Group frequently provide lectures on a wide variety of hair transplantation surgical topics, including naturalness, hairline design, optimizing density, placement procedures, and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

They have been recognized with several prizes and accolades, not only from the academic world but also from their peers in the field of hair transplant surgery and, most significantly, from their patients. Other practitioners come to SMG not just to study the procedure but to have the surgery performed on themselves because SMG is a leader in this field.

Dr. Ron Shapiro, Dr. Paul Shapiro, and Dr. Dave Josephitis are all highly regarded hair restoration doctors who are diplomats of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS) and members of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS).

They are rated among the top hair restoration specialists in the United States who also conduct hair transplantation, according to several leading independent consumer advocate websites. Only one medical operation is what the doctors at SMG excel in performing: hair restoration therapy.

They arrange only one procedure daily and work with patients throughout the process. This is done to ensure that each patient receives the attention to which they are entitled. Men and women experiencing hair loss can regain their confidence with the help of Shapiro Medical Group’s dedication to regrowing their hair and recovering their hair’s health.

Patients have access to the most recent innovations in hair restoration, such as surgical hair transplant and non-surgical hair transplant methods, which are provided by this practice. SMG physicians know the psychological toll that hair loss can take, and they are delighted to assist you in determining which hair loss therapies are most suitable for you.

David Josephitis, MD

David Josephitis, a hair restoration surgeon of world-class caliber, is the individual in charge of the hair transplant facility in Minneapolis, Minnesota. David was confident that he wanted to get into the medical field as soon as he finished high school. David discovered that restoring confidence was a natural vocation for him, and he embarked on a journey to become a fantastic physician and later become an outstanding surgeon.

After completing his undergraduate degree at the University of Illinois, Dr. Josephitis went on to spend a year in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, at the University of Amsterdam, where he studied biology in addition to other languages.

After graduating with his medical education from Nova Southeastern University, he completed his internal medicine residency at St. Joseph’s Hospital Medical Center in Phoenix. After that, he completed his specialist training in hair transplantation surgery.

Dr. Josephitis fell in love with the field of hair transplantation because it is one of the few medical subspecialties that requires a combination of aesthetic and analytical frame of mind. Hair transplant surgery provides the incredible opportunity to rebuild a person’s physical look and boost their total sense of pride and self-esteem.

Reese Hair Restoration

reese hair restoration

Dr. Robert Reese, who also serves as the company’s Medical Director, established Reese Hair Restoration. Since 1992, he has been operating surgical instruments. Dr. Reese is widely considered to be among the most skilled hair transplant surgeons in Minnesota and the surrounding areas of the Upper Midwest. Dr. Reese has cared for hundreds of patients throughout his career, and his compassion for those he treats is well-known.

To provide patients in Minnesota, South Dakota, and Iowa with a higher standard of individualized care for hair thinning and medical hair restoration, Dr. Reese started Reese Hair Transplant in the spring of 2004 after consulting for one of the nationwide hair restoration organizations.

Dr. Robert V. Reese practices family medicine in Fitzgerald, Georgia, and is affiliated with several hospitals in the surrounding area. These hospitals include Dorminy Medical Center and Tift Regional Medical Center, among others.

Charles E. Crutchfield

crutchfiel dermatology

In addition to being a medical school graduate at the Mayo Office, Dr. Crutchfield is the second generation in his family to practice medicine, and he personally examines each new patient who comes to our clinic. In addition, he holds the title of Board-Certified Dermatologist. This most prestigious credential can be earned in the field of dermatology and is granted by the American Board of Dermatology.

Dr. Crutchfield has been recognized for his exceptional teaching at the University of Minnesota Medical School on multiple occasions, earning accolades such as “Clinical Faculty Teacher of the Year” and “Distinguished Teaching Awards” on two separate occasions.

The medical students at the University of Minnesota frequently give Dr. Crutchfield high acclaim for the lectures he gives to them. Dr. Crutchfield instructs dermatology residents on-campus and through externships at the clinical office, where he treats patients with ethnic skin, psoriasis, acne, vitiligo, and aesthetic medicine.


In most cases, hair transplants are more effective than hair restoration products purchased over the counter. It is essential to consider all of the primary factors before undergoing the transplant. After that, these board-certified medical people will certainly provide you with the most effective hair remedy available in the Minneapolis area.


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