Best Hair Transplant Clinics and Surgeons in Tampa

A surgical procedure known as a hair transplant transports single follicles from a region referred to as the “donor region” to an area of the body that is hairless or in the process of balding. It is referred to as the “receiver site.”

Under this minimally invasive technique, grafts with hair follicles that seem genetically immune to balding, like those found on the rear of the head, are transferred to the balding scalp. The back of the head is where experts can find this type of hair follicle. Collaborating with a trained expert is the best way to ensure a successful and long-lasting surgery. In the following paragraphs, you will find a list of the best hair clinics and surgeons in Tampa.

Tampa Hair Restoration Center

tampa hair restoration center

During every one of their treatments, they use the most cutting-edge methods possible to ensure that patients have the best possible chance of achieving their aesthetic goals with the lowest amount of discomfort and downtime.

Their approaches for hair restoration using a minimally invasive procedure contain all they strive for in the operations, including the application of cutting-edge technology to generate stunning results with minimal recovery time required. At the hair restoration clinic, experts do hair transplantation using the most cutting-edge techniques to get outcomes that appear natural and leave no linear scars.

NeoGraft, a cutting-edge procedure for hair restoration, is virtually painless, does not require any IV sedation, and requires no downtime. Patients will receive the most advanced care possible from our exceptionally well-trained and knowledgeable staff.

Because the team has extensive expertise in recreating a natural hairline, patients can have peace of mind during the operation, knowing that the surgeon will utilize the most actual extraction and placement procedures.

The patients who have undergone therapy for hair loss report not just a fuller hairline but also an increase in their sense of self-confidence as a result of the procedure.

Dr. Michael Markou

markou medical

Dr. Michael Markou, D.O. of Tampa Bay Hair Restoration, is the premier hair restoration specialist in the Tampa, Florida, metropolitan region. He has devoted his entire professional life to researching the most effective hair loss therapies to provide individuals battling genetic scalp disorders and pattern baldness with the most excellent conditions for healthy hair development.

The most recent developments in hair restoration techniques, such as robotic hair transplants and hair regeneration, are among the options Tampa Bay Hair Restoration provides. Dr. Markou can generate results that appear more natural and last for a more extended period because of the most recent and cutting-edge hair restoration technology that is now available.

Dr. Markou is an esteemed member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) and holds a board certification as a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.). He has held this position since 1994. Throughout his 28-year career at the Tampa Bay Hair Restoration Center in Tampa, he has been responsible for performing thousands of hair restoration surgeries. Many accolades have been bestowed upon him in recognition of the pioneering research, leadership, expertise, and training he has provided to other hair loss experts.

Forty percent of American women have hair thinning by age 40. The experts at Tampa Bay Hair Restoration provide surgical and non-surgical methods of hair restoration as treatment choices for ladies experiencing hair loss. They give several different treatments to choose from to reverse the consequences of female pattern baldness correctly.

Back in 2009, Dr. Markou became the first hair transplant specialist in Tampa and the state of Florida to provide regenerative treatments as a therapy option for men and women who were experiencing hair loss. Since that time, Tampa Bay Hair Restoration has been pleased to provide several regenerative treatments shown in medical studies to naturally and effectively revitalize hair without the requirement of surgery.

Marina Pizarro, MD

pizarro hair restoration

Dr. Marina Pizarro is a member of the select surgeons club who has completed over 50,000 surgeries throughout their career. Her first step to a successful medical career was obtaining a degree in medicine from the Ponce School of Medicine in Puerto Rico.

After finishing her residency in Orlando, Florida, Dr. Pizarro was brought to Constantine Chambers, a world-renowned hair restoration surgeon. Dr. Pizarro and Dr. Chambers established one of its era’s most prominent hair restoration clinics.

Dr. Pizarro decided to open her practice in Orlando and Jacksonville in 1994, specializing solely in hair transplants for both men and women. Before opening her practice, she underwent five years of intensive one-on-one training. She performed thousands of operations and participated in hair transplant conventions worldwide. After working in the field for the past three decades, Dr. Pizarro has established a successful practice that includes hair loss clinics in both Jacksonville and Orlando, Florida.

Unlike many other doctors, Dr. Pizarro is not only engaged in the procedure’s two most important steps—the removal of donor hair follicles and the formation of graft sites—but she is also directly engaged in the removal of micro follicular units and the placements of these units. Other doctors only participate in the removal of donor hair follicles and the formation of graft sites.

Dr. Pizarro utilizes the tried and proven approach of hair transplant surgery and the latest advancements in the hair restoration field to produce world-class outcomes. Many “mill style” firms limit their surgeons’ involvement during surgeries, and other independent practitioners use the latest “gadget” manner to lure customers.

Her friendly demeanor and artistic talent are assets, but what sets her apart is the high degree of patient care she provides. Patients who have met Dr. Pizarro report an initial sense of calm and the knowledge that they are interacting with a physician who genuinely cares about their well-being. Dr. Pizarro is a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. Dr. Pizarro has been granted a license to practice medicine in the states of Florida, Michigan, Georgia, Tennessee, and Puerto Rico throughout her professional career.


Many other doctors are working in the field of hair transplantation, but the experts stand out from the crowd because of their meticulous attention to detail and artistic approach.


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