Best Hair Transplant Clinics and Surgeons in Cincinnati

Many people that have suffered hair loss have always expressed the psychological burden it places on them. While that’s subjective to each person’s mental strength, the negative alteration that hair loss gives people’s appearance is universal. Let’s face it; you’ll certainly look better with a head full of hair than without hair.

While that’s not to further reduce your self-confidence, you must acknowledge the problem first because that’s the most important step to finding a solution. If this description fits your situation and you’ve been thinking of hair transplant surgery, you’re certainly on the right line of thought. Hair transplant surgery is one of the few solutions that’ll permanently restore your hair and eliminate the psychological burden hair loss has placed on you.

So if you’re in Cincinnati and looking for surgeons and clinics to have your hair transplant, you’re at the best place to find out. This article will discuss how hair transplant surgery is in Cincinnati and recommend some of the best hair transplant clinics and surgeons in the city.

Hair Transplant in Cincinnati – Expectations

When you pick a location to have your hair transplant, certain expectations must be met even before your surgery. Firstly, there must be more than enough hair transplant clinics and surgeons in the city because a limited number of them would mean you’re short of options to explore before choosing one. Secondly, the city must be home to some of the best hair transplant surgeons because the availability of quality surgeons improves your chances of having a successful hair transplant surgery.

In addition to these, you have to be sure that the clinics available perform all the relevant hair transplant techniques because the condition of hair loss usually determines the most suitable technique. Furthermore, you don’t want to settle for DHI when you know FUT will give a better result. And lastly, there must be a high standard of care delivery consistently.

If you’re thinking of having your surgery in Cincinnati, rest assured that the clinics and surgeons in the city are some of the best in the country, and you can have your hair transplant there. However, you should always pick the best surgeon for your surgery because the result will determine the proficiency of who performs it. So to help you make the right choice of surgeon, we’ll give our recommendations.

Best Hair Transplant Clinics and Surgeons in Cincinnati

The following are some of the best surgeons and clinics in Cincinnati:

1. Wolf Medical – Dr. Bradley Wolf

wolf medical

Wolf Medical is a renowned hair transplant clinic based in Cincinnati, Ohio. They offer treatment to both men and women, hoping to end their hair loss with treatments like hair transplant, PRP, laser hair removal and regrowth, and much more. The objective here is to ensure every patient gets a deserving and most suitable solution to their condition.

Additionally, the services at Wolf Medical are not solely fixed on treatment, even though that’s the most important thing. Their services are also about offering patients the best experience during treatment, and if you check their reviews, you’ll see how patients express the comfort they feel in having their hair transplant here. They’ve constantly accomplished this through their individualized care delivery spearheaded by Dr. Bradley Wolf himself.

Right from consultation, you’ll meet the doctor who lays out the dynamics of the hair transplant for you to decide, through his medical guidance, the most suitable treatment for you. His reputation is built on his ability to stick to what works without shortcuts constantly. That’s why they’ve attracted so many patients over the years.

2. Advanced Hair Restoration Center – Dr. Jon Mendelsohn

advanced cosmetic hair restoration

Advanced hair restoration center is one of the very few clinics in Cincinnati offering the Smartgraft hair transplant technique and FUT and FUE procedures. Led by Dr. Jon Mendelsohn, every patient is administered a deserving solution for their condition. In addition, they also offer other surgical procedures like eyebrow and facial hair transplants.

They perform their operations at their modern clinic that’s ably furnished with the latest tools that improve the surgeon’s craftsmanship. They are a trusted and certified clinic that can guide you through your journey to full hair restoration. Consultation is free, and you’re sure to get an amazing care delivery because excellence in healthcare is an objective they constantly strive to achieve.

Given Dr. Mendelsohn’s background in aesthetic surgeries, he also repairs botched hair transplants done by bad surgeons. He’s the doctors’ doctor in training he offers. You can benefit from his expertise by booking a consultation with him today.

3. Bosley, Cincinnati – Dr. David M. Alpeter


Bosley is a world-class hair transplant clinic with branches all over the United States. Like it is in all their branches, Bosley, Cincinnati has some of the best hair transplant surgeons in the country. The core of their services is a personalized approach that allows them to see through each patient’s unique condition and offer timely solutions to it.

With the expertise of Dr. David and a team of industry-trained and certified staff, you’re sure to get the best care you’ve always imagined. They’ve mastered the routines, and they consistently give patients the most naturally-looking result after their surgery. As a clinic that has performed over 430,00 hair transplants for more than 45years, Bosley has everything it takes to help you get your hair back.

The clinic is equipped with the latest tools that allow the surgeons to perform procedures like FUE and FUT transplants, Biograft that incorporate FUE with Xtrands, eyebrow transplants, and other non-surgical procedures.

How Much is Hair Transplant Surgery in Cincinnati?

When you consider factors like the number of grafts and sessions required to perfectly resolve your condition and the quality of the surgeon and procedure used, hair transplant in Cincinnati should be around $2,000 to $15,000. The price isn’t always fixed, so you can determine yours when you consult your surgeon.


A hair transplant is a permanent solution that can help you improve your appearance by offering you full hair of the head. Ensure you choose any of the best clinics recommended in this post to have the most desirable results. Good luck!

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