Best hair transplant clinics and surgeons in Colorado

There is a widespread misconception that baldness may only be inherited from our mothers’ side of the family, however this is not the case. The genes that contribute to male-pattern baldness come from both our mothers and our fathers, and they are inherited by us. Multiple genes have been pointed to as potential culprits. It has been demonstrated that a gene called EDA2R that is connected to the X chromosome is strongly associated with hair loss. This gene is passed down to us from our mothers and is thought to play a more significant part in the early stages of hair thinning and loss. This can happen as early as the later years of adolescence. P2RY5, Sox21, and genes located on chromosome 3 are some of the other genes that have been shown to be associated with hair loss. These genes are not tied to sexual orientation. The varied inheritance pattern can be traced back to these genes that do not involve sexual reproduction. However, because of the problems associated with hair loss, the majority of individuals have begun searching for experienced hair surgeons and clinics in Colorado. In this article, we will go through some of the most reputable hair transplant clinics and surgeons in the state of Colorado.

Best hair transplant clinics and surgeons in Colorado

1- Hair Sciences Center clinic – Dr. James A. Harris

hair sciences center

Dr. Harris has built a name for himself as a doctor who puts the needs of his patients first. He emphasizes on providing the best possible care for each and every patient. Using the most advanced medical and surgical techniques, Dr. Harris provides the most natural and undetectable outcomes in hair restoration today. Patients at Hair Sciences Center of Colorado can expect a highly personalized and caring experience, the best possible treatment, as well as amazing results from their hair transplants. One of the reasons for the Hair Sciences Center’s stellar online evaluations is the dedication of the clinic’s personnel to providing the best possible care and attention to each and every one of their clients. James A. Harris, MD, FISHRS, FACS, is a well-known hair restoration surgeon and pioneer around the world. The improved method of follicular unit excision has been developed and patented by Dr. Harris, who has been actively involved in hair loss and restoration research for years. FUE grafts produced with this technique have the highest quality possible because to the reduced risk of follicle damage. This image- and algorithm-guided robot employs robotics to make the best possible selection of follicular units for each individual, with him serving as the primary consultant physician. The Harris S.A.F.E.TM System dissecting system is used by ARTAS. Harris is the head of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery’s FUE Research Committee. This year, he was awarded the coveted Golden Follicle Award for substantial clinical achievements to the field of hair restoration, which is given out once a year to one pioneer in the field worldwide. An internationally recognized expert in the field of hair transplantation, he has written for both medical and consumer magazines.

2- Colorado Hair Restoration


At Dr. Bitner’s disposal are the skills and creativity needed to achieve stunning results. Those from Colorado, Idaho, Wyoming, and Nevada travel to him for his hair transplant expertise. Patients come from all over the country to have their hair restored by him because of the natural and stunning results he achieves during surgeries. He is a member of the Tanner Clinic’s board of trustees. The Colorado Hair Restoration medical center is the largest in Davis County and includes more than 80 doctors. In the early 1950s, Noall Tanner, Robert F. Bitner, and a group of other physicians decided to start up the clinic. The original clinic was located near the Layton Elementary School on Gentile. However, the current clinic is now located at Antelope Drive, west of Davis Hospital. The clinic has grown alongside the community throughout time. Dr. Bitner became Tanner’s first fellowship-trained Facial Plastic Surgeon and Hair Restoration Surgeon in July 2009. Davis Hospital is a location where Dr. Bitner occasionally accepts only insurance-covered cases. Patients can choose between local or general anesthesia for cosmetic surgery in the surgical suite. The American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF) has certified the in-office surgical suite.

3- Broadway Hair Restoration – Dr. Broadway

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Dr. David Broadway, an internationally renowned plastic surgeon, has conducted significant research into the absolute finest techniques and technologies now available for complete hair restoration. He was sure that there must be a more effective alternative, and he was able to discover it using the NeoGraftTM Automated FUE technology. They are delighted to have been the very first clinic in Denver, Colorado to provide their patients with a hair restoration option that is both less invasive and more effective. Dr. David Broadway is a plastic surgeon who is certified in all four subspecialties of the field of plastic surgery. He has spent more than a decade researching and studying the various ways that hair can be restored. During the course of his training, Dr. Broadway came to the conclusion that the over-the-counter hair treatments available in stores are worthless, and that the agonizing strip approach is no longer relevant. There has to be a more effective approach to restoring your hairline. The NeoGraftTM Automated FUE technology is an improved and more secure method of hair transplantation. In the area of Denver, Colorado, Dr. Broadway is one of the few surgeons who can provide patients with this choice.

4- Medical Man Cave – Dr. Steven Motarjeme

medical man cave

Dr. Steven Motarjeme is a highly experienced physician who has over 25 years of expertise giving exceptional care to his patients. He has received exemplary training in this field. “Dr. M” is a native Chicagoan who obtained his medical degree from the Loyola Stritch School of Medicine and then went on to do all three of his residencies at the esteemed Ohio State University. He is a pioneer in the medical field and has always been at the forefront of the field, from the beginning of the aesthetic boom when he opened multiple laser and aesthetic centers to the beginning of the aesthetic boom when he started cutting edge Cardiovascular Hospitals and Hospitalist/Emergency Trauma programs across the country. He is an innovator and has always been at the forefront of medicine. In addition to that, he is a co-founder of the world’s second-largest telemedicine company. Dr. M is a vibrant physician who has developed outstanding surgical abilities and a keen eye for aesthetic detail thanks to his extensive training as well as his years of experience working on the front lines of medicine. Because of his experiences in the medical field, he decided to establish a clinic exclusively for men called Medical Man Cave. This clinic provides men with a sense of privacy and comfort while also encouraging them to visit the doctor and achieve their full potential.

5- BOSLEY – Edwin A. Suddleson


BOSLEY is located in Centennial, Colorado, just a few miles from downtown Denver. Their hair transplant clinic in Denver, Colorado, offers a wide variety of surgical and nonsurgical hair restoration methods. Bosley can assist you in any stage of hair loss. Using Bosley’s products, you can learn how to reduce your hair loss and retain the hair you already have, or how to rebuild a completely natural-looking hairline. Whether you live in the Denver region or are visiting from Boulder, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, or the neighboring areas, their expert physicians such as Edwin A. Suddleson and trained counselor are ready to assist you find the best answer to your hair loss. Edwin A. Suddleson, a highly regarded surgeon at Bosley, is a globally renowned leader in the field of hair restoration. Suddleson has performed over 8,000 hair restoration surgeries at his Beverly Hills clinic and has been involved in various hair restoration training programs, national and international medical symposia as an instructor and surgical demonstrator. One of Dr. Suddleson’s papers has appeared in the Hair Transplant Forum International. Suddleson is proud to be a fellow of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), a distinguished professional organization. Dr. Suddleson has been granted diplomat status by the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery.

Suddleson joined Bosley in 1999 after serving as an Assistant Professor of Clinical Surgery at the University of Southern California’s Keck School of Medicine and practicing general surgery at Huntington Hospital in Pasadena, CA. Dr. Suddleson earned his Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees from Stanford University. He continued his study by enrolling in the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California, where he earned an M.D. He finished his surgical residency at Huntington Hospital in Pasadena, California, where he served as head surgical resident. The American Board of Surgery granted Dr. Suddleson its highest honor of board certification. Dr. Suddleson is a member of the American Medical Association and the International Society for Hair Restoration Surgery. Thirteen of the states where Bosley Surgical Centers have offices have granted him permission to practice.

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