Best Hair Transplant Clinics and Surgeons in Dallas

Whether your baldness and hair loss are in their early stages or have become obvious, the most important thing is to find immediate solutions to them. While finding a permanent and effective solution used to be difficult, things have changed. Now, you can either choose a surgical or non-surgical procedure to correct your hair loss.

Without discrediting the effectiveness of non-surgical treatments, surgical procedures, especially hair transplants, remain the best option for hair loss patients to restore their hair. There’s a high chance that 80% of hair transplants will grow in deficient areas with hair transplants. It is effective, potent, and has even become minimally invasive.

However, it has to be done by a professional hair transplant surgeon who is skillful and experienced in the field. If you’re in Dallas and not sure which clinic to choose, this article is for you. Here, we’ll suggest some of the top hair transplant centers in the city.

Is Dallas a Good Place to Have a Hair Transplant?

You need to understand that a hair transplant is a delicate procedure that requires a high skill set and years of experience through practice. The implication is that you must get everything right, from the decision on where to have it to who will conduct the operation. So, if before anything you ask if Dallas is a good place to have a hair transplant, you’re making the right steps.

Dallas is an ultramodern city in Texas with a sizable population with a great urban feel. Being the home of many technological and financial enterprises, it offers small and large-scale businesses a fertile ground for business growth. That’s why there are so many hair transplant clinics available in the city.

So to answer the question, it’s one of the best places to have a hair transplant. Apart from the availability of clinics, the surgeons in many of these clinics are some of the best in the country. They offer the latest hair transplant techniques to offer people the right solution to their hair loss problems. While that’s taken, you must select the best of them for your hair transplant surgery.

Best Hair Transplant Clinics and their Surgeons in Dallas

The best hair transplant clinics and their surgeons in Dallas include the following:

1. Maxim Hair Restoration and Transplant – Dr. Stephan P. Thiele

Maxime hair restoration

Maxim Hair Restoration is a world-class hair transplant clinic with a branch in Dallas. Having performed over 10,000 surgical procedures, they’ve instituted themselves as a trusted hair transplant center in the country. Their accreditations and registrations are evidence of the acceptability of their solutions for hair loss.

They offer surgical and non-surgical solutions. The former deals strictly with follicular unit transplant and extraction, while the latter focuses on 3D scalp micropigmentation, collagen induction therapy, and other hybrid procedures. They also offer facial hair transplants and many other cosmetic procedures.

While the clinic has so many experts in hair transplant servicing their branches all over the US and Turkey, Dubai, and the Philippines, Dr. Thiele, who is at Dallas, is also one of the best. He’s ably supported by other trained staff who are passionate about giving every patient the best possible care.

2. North Texas Plastic Surgery – Dr. Sacha Obaid

north texas plastic surgery

North Texas is a clinic offering a variety of cosmetic procedures, one of which is hair transplant surgery. The fact that they offer various services doesn’t mean they don’t offer the best quality in each area. They have the best specialists handling every service, and as far as hair transplant is concerned, their results speak for them.

With well over 12,000 successful hair transplant operations, the clinic is unrelenting in providing exceptional results while leveraging advanced technological tools that allow innovative procedures. At this clinic, patient safety is a priority; that’s why there’s remarkable quality control that eliminates risk exposures.

Dr. Obaid, an internationally recognized surgeon, heads medical affairs in the clinic and is supported by other passionate staff who ensure every patient is well taken care of regardless of their hair loss condition. They use ARTAS Robotics to perform the minimally invasive FUE transplant technique. It’s effective and offers unparalleled precision.

3. Armani Medical – Dr. Abraham Armani

armani medical

Armani Medical is a hair transplant clinic that embodies all the attributes of the owner Dr. Armani. As an award-winning surgeon, Dr. Armani ensures his hospital gives every patient excellent hair care treatment whenever they choose Armani Medical. In addition, he understands how hair loss may affect social and professional lives; that’s why he’s committed to helping as many people stand out socially and professionally while improving their mentality about their appearance.

The clinic offers FUT and FUE procedures, which they sometimes combine with ARTAS Robotics if need be. They also use the revolutionary Neograft system to give every patient enough solutions to correct their hair loss. They also prescribe effective medications, provided the patient’s hair loss is still at the early stages.

Dr. Armani spearheads medical operations in the clinic. He’s a trusted locally and internationally certified surgeon who will stop at nothing until every patient that chooses Armani Medical gets the best care they deserve. You can look this clinic up to determine if they’ll be the fit for your hair transplant.


What’s the Price of Hair Transplant in Dallas?

The cost of a hair transplant in Dallas isn’t set because it’s influenced by the number of grafts you need and the procedure required for the grafting. However, for small sessions that require only 1,000 grafts, you’re likely to pay about $3,000. Similarly, for larger sessions that require 2,000 to 3,000 grafts, you will likely pay as high as $12,000.


While determining the clinic and surgeon for your hair transplant is important, it’s also crucial to find out how much they’ll charge to pick a surgeon whose charges are within your financial capabilities. However, it would help if you didn’t make price your major factor in choosing a surgeon. Skills, expertise, and quality of service are much more important. Make the right decision!

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