Best Hair Transplant Clinics and Surgeons in Houston

Many people experiencing hair loss or baldness have thought of a hair transplant at one point or another. However, only a few of them have undergone surgical procedures. And the reason isn’t farfetched; they think hair transplants cannot give them naturally-looking results.

The convincing truth about the outcome of hair transplant as a viable solution to hair loss lies in the sizable number of people having it yearly. And the underlying question is, if a hair transplant doesn’t give natural-looking outcomes, why are many people still having it? The answer is simple; with the technologies available and the standardized procedures used, hair transplant has become one of the few permanent hair restoration treatments that offer the most natural-looking results.

So if you’re in Houston and want a hair transplant to restore your lost hair, don’t hesitate. And to encourage you to make the best decision, we’ll recommend some of the best hair transplant clinics and surgeons in the city. But before we do that, let’s tell you why Houston is a good place to have your surgery.

Hair Transplant in Houston

According to a report made in 2019, Houston ranks 9th on the list of cities with the best hospitals in the United States. The implication is that the attitude towards healthcare in the city is outstanding in terms of access, infrastructure, and quality delivery. This attitude is reflected in the cosmetic procedures like hair transplants offered in the city.

Having your hair transplant surgery in Houston means you’ll have access to varieties of clinics and surgeons available in the city. Many of these clinics offer standardized procedures that only give proven results. What sets the clinics apart is the quality of service and the proficiency of the surgeons in charge.

While many of them claim to be the best clinic headed by the best surgeons, it can be tricky for you to identify truly good ones. So how do you find a hair transplant clinic and surgeon in Houston for your surgery? You have to follow the recommendation of experts whose research we’ve followed to provide you with this foolproof list of the best clinics and surgeons.

Best Hair Transplant Clinics and Surgeons in Houston

The following are some of the clinics and surgeons to choose from in Houston for your hair transplant surgery:

1. Houston Hair Transplant Center – Dr. Goran Jezic

huston hair transplant center

As a highly rated hair transplant clinic, Houston Hair Transplant Center is one of the best places for hair restoration treatment. While there are so many hair transplant techniques to offer, this clinic is the type that offers only one technique which is the revolutionary Neograft hair rejuvenation technique. By relying on human-controlled automated machines, they’ve restored many patients’ hair most comfortably.

This technique is open to both men and women suffering hair loss, and it’s also helpful for the reconstruction of hairlines. At this clinic, patients’ safety is paramount; they focus on their proven and most trusted solution for arrays of hair loss conditions. Their reviews show how tested and trusted they are in the business.

Dr. Goran Jezic is the lead surgeon in the clinic,  and he’s supported by many other specialists who understand the demands of the industry. As a result, the clinic ensures every patient receives world-class care and the value for their money. In addition, they offer other cosmetic procedures like facial hair transplants, and you can trust them with your hair loss treatment.

2. Arocha Hair Restoration – Dr. Arocha

Arocha Hair Restoration is a clinic based in Houston offering surgical and non-surgical treatments for hair loss. They are a modern clinic that combines its surgeon’s skill set with the efficiency of technological instruments to give patients the best service. When you go through their testimonials, you’ll realize how much the clinic has done to make as many people happy by having their hair restored.

The clinic offers surgical procedures like follicular unit transplant and follicular unit extraction, ARTAS Robotics system, corrective hair transplant, transgender hair transplant, and facial hair transplant. They also offer patients non-surgical procedures like scalp micropigmentation and laser cap hair treatment. This is an ideal place to have hair transplant treatment in Houston.

Dr. Arocha, the lead surgeon, is one of the many experienced surgeons in the country. On a personal and professional level, he’s one of the best hair transplant surgeons. He focuses on his patient’s description to give medical suggestions on the suitable solution to explore. If you choose them, you’re in good hands.

3. Physician’s Hair Restoration Center – Dr. Carlos Puig

Physician's Hair Restoration Center

With over 10,000 satisfied customers, Physician’s Hair Restoration Center is another great place to have your hair transplant in Houston. They offer only minimally invasive hair restoration treatments like the FUE hair transplant, hair cloning, hair follicle banking, and scalp micropigmentation, all of which give patients desirable results. Finding the perfect solution for patients’ conditions is the first rule of engagement in this clinic.

Dr. Puig, the lead surgeon, has over 40 years of experience in the field, which he shows in his practices and teachings for other hair transplant surgeons. He has a remarkable work ethic and strives to achieve excellence at the slightest opportunity. Medical and non-medical staff support him with the same sentiment that hair loss solutions should be accessible to as many who request them.

Their facility is furnished with cutting-edge instruments that allow precision and give optimal results. Additionally, Dr. Puig and his staff are unrelenting in quality control while eliminating any chance of risk exposure. You can check them out with a free virtual or physical consultation.

The Cost of Hair Transplant in Houston

The cost of a hair transplant in Houston isn’t fixed because it is influenced by many factors, the biggest of which is the number of grafts you’ll need. This number would also determine the number of sessions which combines to add up to the cost. But regardless, you’re likely to pay between $4,000 to $12,000 for a hair transplant in Houston.

Bottom Line

Paying the cost for a hair transplant is worth it when you consider the improvement it’ll give your appearance. But you have to choose the best to perform it to maximize all the benefits it’ll offer. If you’re in Houston, you can choose from those we recommended in this post, but you must do personal research on them.

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