Best Hair Transplant Clinics and Surgeons in Istanbul Turkey

If you’re previously unaware, no one is immune to hair loss. Whether you’re old or young, rich or poor, male or female, hair loss can begin at any time and is capable of causing negative alterations to your appearance. While that can be disheartening, there have been proven solutions to correct it, one of which is hair transplant surgery.

Hair transplant involves the transfer of hair from one area of the head where hair is surplus to another area that is hair deficient. Over the past few decades, it has become a standardized procedure with a remarkable success rate and natural-looking effects. But the truth about it is that for hair transplant to be perfect, it must be administered by a reputable surgeon with proven skills and a good track record.

If you’re in Turkey or you’re visiting there for your hair transplant, the truth is that discovering a proven hair transplant surgeon may be easy, but discovering a proven one with years of experience and skills can be a little tricky. To save you the stress of finding one, we’ll suggest some of the best hair transplant clinics and surgeons in Istanbul – Turkey’s largest city. While that’ll be the focus in this article, let us briefly discuss what it means to have a hair transplant in Turkey.

Having Hair Transplant in Istanbul, Turkey – Expectations

When you get to Istanbul today, you’ll most likely meet a few men with red dots on their heads. It’s not a bad sign; it’s a sign of a newly completed hair transplant surgery and even a sign of great things to come, like a full head of hair. That’s because Istanbul is the best location for hair transplants worldwide. With the number of medical tourists visiting for hair restoration treatment, the city remains a good option for you too.

But that’s not all there is to hair transplant surgery in Istanbul, Turkey. Hair transplant surgery in the city is way cheaper than in the rest of Europe and the world. This cost may carry pre-op and post-op treatments, accommodation and transportation during your medical visit. In addition to this, it’s the place to see all advanced hair transplant techniques. Some clinics and surgeons there have even found better ways of performing the traditional technique, FUT, and the more modern technique, FUE.

They set the bar on the level of quality and sophistication hair transplant surgery requires. And this has improved significantly due to the never-ending competition in the hair transplant market. With so much room for improvement, hair transplant surgery in Istanbul is the total package. It’s a great tourist attraction, and you can have the most memorable time of your life while improving your appearance by eliminating hair loss.

However, as great as the situation of hair transplants is in Istanbul, it’s not a pass that there aren’t lousy hair transplant clinics and surgeons around. And to save you from falling into the hands of one, we’ll recommend some of the best hair transplant clinics and surgeons in Istanbul.

Best Hair Transplant Clinics and Surgeons in Istanbul, Turkey

By virtue of their skills, experience, success rate, the state of their clinic, the techniques they offer, the following are some of the best hair transplant clinics and surgeons in Istanbul:

1- CapilClinic, Istanbul – Dr. Oguz Kayiran

CapilClinic is one of the many hair transplant clinics in Istanbul that meets all the measures that determine the greatness of a hair transplant clinic. The clinic sets a remarkably high standard of quality care for all its patients, regardless of their hair condition. They don’t even stop at that; they strive to consistently meet these standards without a drop-off in any service, even one as little as patients’ reception.

This isn’t coincidental when you consider the experience, proficiency, and understanding of the lead doctor, Dr. Oguz Kayiran, in the business of hair transplants. With the support of industry-trained staff members who include the medical and non-medical, you’ll receive the best possible care during your hair transplant surgery. The clinic is vast in the FUE hair transplant technique relying on the efficiency of the surgeons and the cutting-edge instruments available in the clinic.

For them, patient care is primary. In fact, the prioritization of individualized patient care has been the foundation of the clinic’s success over the years. So a way to solidify that foundation is to keep giving every patient quality individualized care. With no sign or plan to relent, you can benefit from this too by choosing them for your surgery. When you book a consultation, you meet a surgeon directly who will take you through the hair transplant process and inform you on the technique suitable for your condition.

2- Hermest Hair Transplant Clinic, Istanbul – Dr. Sevim Balci

Hermest is another top-class hair transplant clinic in Istanbul. They’ve made their mark in the industry with an optimal success rate from their surgery on over 12,000 patients within and outside Istanbul and Turkey. A hair transplant can’t be worthy or even successful if the patient is not at the center of it all.

So they regard patients’ care highly and consistently work towards it in all their procedures. You’ll be the center of attention from the reception to the surgery rooms because both the medical and non-medical staff understand how important it is to get permanent solutions for confidence-sapping hair loss. They are experts in performing the FUE and DHI hair transplant techniques.

What distinguishes them from their competitors is that they use these techniques to perform long and unshaven hair transplantation. They’ve mastered the art and science of these procedures, and this mastery reflects directly in their results and success rates. They have many skilled doctors, but Dr. Sevim Balci handles hair transplants.

3- Smile Hair Clinic İstanbul – Dr. Gokay Bilgin and Dr. Mehmet Erdogan

Smile hair transplant clinic is one of Istanbul’s many popular hair transplant clinics. With two surgeons dedicated so many years of research and practice to the FUE transplant, all potential for risk exposure is eliminated. They are careful regarding the littlest detail and focus on giving their patients the best possible care.

The high standard of care delivery they maintain, combined with a fully equipped facility, has significantly helped the clinic’s growth. Their operating chairs and Visco beds are made for each patient to perfectly fit their structure and enhance results by ensuring patients’ comfort. The staff is friendly, the clinic is hospitable, and you’ll smile after your hair transplant surgery.

They perform standardized FUE procedures, which have been successful on over 15,000 patients. They also conduct sapphire hair transplants, which have also given proven results. In addition, you can consult them virtually or physically to get a hold of your treatment plan.

4- NimClinic Istanbul – Dr. Arda Akgun

NimClinic is another outstanding hair transplant clinic that performs delicate and dynamic long hair transplants and unshaven hair transplants. Only a few hair transplant clinics perform these techniques, but that doesn’t mean the clinic charges patients unreasonably because it’s affordable. The objective is to offer patients their much-needed solutions to hair loss and not to tear their purses.

With surgeons like Dr. Arda Akgun and Dr. Emrah Kaya, two young but highly skillful and experienced surgeons, the clinic has taken so many giant steps in the field of hair transplant. As a result, they’ve become a brand that attracts patients globally because of their expertise in this field. And with more feats to achieve, you can also enjoy their services by booking a consultation with them.

They perform the FUE hair transplant method and DHI method. They also offer other cosmetic procedures relying on youthfulness, skills, and a team of passionate staff that’ll stop at nothing to give every patient the value of their money through service. Their facility also has some of the best industry-standard instruments that improve surgeons’ performance and success rate.

5- Bravo Hair Clinic Istanbul – Dr. Ozan Balik

Bravo Hair Clinic embodies all the characteristics of Dr. Ozan Balik, from quality patient care to the constant urge to achieve the best result consistently. Having your hair transplant at this clinic comes with some significant assurance that the process will go smoothly without hassle. Both the lead surgeon and other medical staff ensure patients aren’t exposed to even the most minor risk because they have enough experience to understand how much that can counteract the operation’s success.

Based on the appointment, they don’t take more than two patient’s a day for quality assurance. They also ensure every patient receives personalized care that fits their hair loss condition. And even if that will require a combination of procedures, they inform their patients before the surgery begins to be on the same page at all times.

The clinic has first-class surgeons who know hair transplant surgery like the back of their hands. Their transplant surgeries include FUE and FUT transplants, Sapphire hair transplant, DHI hair transplant, beard transplant, eyelash transplant, and eyebrows transplant. The variety of services is good evidence of how vast the medical team is in cosmetic surgeries.

6- HairNeva Clinic, Istanbul – Dr. Guncel Ozturk

As much as HairNeva clinic is concerned about the science of hair transplantation, they give so much regard to its art. For them, hair transplant shouldn’t only be about transferring hair from one location to another. Instead, it should be more about the artistic transfer and implantation of hair. This way, they can create that perfect look for every patient that demands their service.

As a hair transplant clinic that has done so well locally, the chances are high they’ll soon extend to other parts of the world due to their proven expertise in hair transplants. As Dr. Guncel Ozturk and his medical and non-medical staff remain committed to putting the clinic on a global map, you’ll inevitably get the best care in their clinic. In addition, the clinic is exceptionally hospitable and accommodating that it’ll feel like home to the patients.

They perform varieties of surgical and non-surgical hair restoration treatments. The surgical treatments perform DHI and FUE hair transplant, hair transplant without shaving the hair low, Gold FUE hair transplant, Percutaneous Hair transplant, IceGraft Hair transplant. For the non-surgical hair restoration treatment, they perform hair mesotherapy and prescribe other medications for hair loss treatment.

7- Sapphire Hair Clinic, Istanbul – Dr. Esin Egilmez

Sapphire hair clinic is one of Istanbul’s most popular hair transplant clinics, with remarkable international recognition. As much as they prioritize all patients, they are the best option for tourists due to their accommodation package and other perks most hair transplant clinics don’t offer. They also offer varieties of services to correct the problems their patients present.

The clinic’s medical team performs many surgical procedures that include FUE, FUT, and DHI, HIV, HCV hair transplant procedures. They also offer beard transplants, eyebrows transplants, and transplants without shaving the hair. They are indeed a total package and a clinic to explore. With a step in, you’ll undoubtedly see the outstanding state of the clinic and the instruments available for hair transplants.

Dr. Esin Egilmez and other professionally certified and accredited surgeons front all hair transplant processes from consultation to post-op care. They’ll focus on you to ensure they give you the best surgery that gives a great result.

How Much Does Hair Transplant Cost in Istanbul?

Like we’ve said in the introductory parts of this article, hair transplant in Istanbul, Turkey is ridiculously cheaper than the cost in many other European countries and the United States. In Istanbul, it costs between $1,500 to $4,000, which may increase or decrease depending on how severe or mild your hair loss is the procedure you need, and the quality of the surgeon and clinic.


If you’ve decided to have your hair transplant in Istanbul, Turkey, the next to do is select the best clinics and surgeons. As we have suggested the best to you, your hair restoration journey becomes more effortless. So you should enjoy every bit of it.

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