Best hair transplant clinics and surgeons in Los Angeles

No matter what type of medical treatment you’re having, selecting the appropriate surgeon is critical to a successful outcome. Finding the appropriate hair transplant surgeon can mean the difference between a successful procedure and an unsuccessful one. There are many people who suffer with hair loss, and it can be extremely painful on an emotional level for them. The good news is that there are techniques available, for hair transplantation that may help you look your best once more! While medical doctors in Los Angeles are capable of performing a number of hair transplant operations, FUE hair transplants are the most popular because of their natural appearance and long-lasting effects on hair loss sufferers who have undergone the treatments. Any of the doctors or clinics on the list below can answer your questions regarding FUE hair transplants and whether or not they can assist you with your situation.

Good vs. Bad Hair Transplant

The majority of individuals are just concerned with bad hair transplantation. Good hair transplantation outcomes are virtually invisible, which is why they are so popular. It is the experience and skill of the physician doing the procedure that distinguishes good hair transplantation from bad. The results of inexperienced physicians, especially those who do not specialise in hair restoration, are more likely to be artificial-looking and easily visible than those of skilled practitioners. That is why selecting the most qualified hair restoration physician is such a crucial decision to make.

Who Can Perform a Hair Transplant Surgery?

Hair restoration surgery can be performed by any doctor or surgeon who has the technical know-how. In addition to their other services, many general physicians and plastic surgeons perform hair transplants. However, this does not guarantee the same outcomes every time. Performing a successful hair transplant operation requires more than just technical expertise; it also requires a level of artistry and experience that can only be achieved by hair transplant surgeons.

How to Choose a Hair Transplant Surgeon

When looking for a hair transplant surgeon, there are a few things to think about, such as:

  • How long have they been in business?
  • Do they specialise in hair restoration?
  • The number of hair transplant surgeries they’ve completed
  • What credentials/board certifications do they have?
  • Actual patients’ before-and-after photos

Best Hair Transplant Clinics and Surgeons in Los Angeles

Here are some of the best hair transplantation clinics and surgeons in Los Angeles

1- Dauer Hair Restoration

Marc Dauer, MD, is a hair restoration and hair transplantation specialist in Los Angeles who specialises in permanent hair restoration. He used Follicular Unit Transplantation in order to achieve the most natural-looking results. In addition to receiving his medical degree with honours from New York Medical College, Doctor Dauer completed his residency in the Department of Head and Neck Surgery at the University of California Los Angeles Medical Center. His efforts have earned him specialised training in hair restoration and hair transplantation, as well as publication in a number of medical journals. Her professional affiliations include memberships in the American Board for Hair Restoration Surgery as well as the International Society for Hair Restoration Surgery, both of which she founded. In the field of Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation, Dr. Dauer is well-known for his expertise, having served as a faculty member on the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine’s teaching staff in that speciality for many years. Dr. Dauer’s work in hair restoration is limited to hair and eyebrow transplants, which are his primary areas of expertise. Dr. Dauer’s goals for every patient who comes to the clinic for hair transplants are to provide them with the most natural-looking results possible while also providing them with the most amount of density possible.

Hair Transplant Los Angeles – Marc Dauer, MD

2- Sean Behnam – Hair Transplant Los Angeles

Dr. Behnam is a committed surgeon who is committed to providing each patient with the finest level of care possible. Dr. Behnam’s ultimate goal is to ensure that every patient is completely happy. As a result, he devotes all of his work to ensuring that each patient receives the finest possible care. Dr. Sean develops a clear and specific strategy for each patient and will not conduct any procedure unless he is confident that the patient’s needs have been addressed.

Dr. Sean’s concept extends beyond surgery to include the provision of the greatest level of care as well as the most aesthetic results possible. It is his policy to do only one surgery every day in order to avoid making his staff technicians feel rushed through the procedure. Dr. Behnam is concerned with the artistic quality of the work. During your appointment, Dr. Sean will perform a microscopic hair analysis, a density analysis, and a hair mapping to determine the extent of your hair loss and develop a master plan to address it. During the process, he ensures that sufficient time is allocated to clarifying all parts of the procedure, allowing the patient to have an accurate grasp of what will be accomplished. On the day of the treatment, there are never any unexpected fees or charges. Upon completion of the process, you will be provided with his direct cell phone number, allowing you to contact him at any time. He prefers to see his patients several times over the course of the next two weeks to ensure that everything is proceeding smoothly. In the case of follow-up visits, there is no payment. Patients who are travelling from out of town can text or call him at any time for follow-up appointments. For the record, since 2008, Dr. Behnam has conducted thousands of cases, far exceeding the number of FUE procedures performed by the majority of surgeons in North America.

3- Beverly Hills Hair Group

The ability to give the most advanced hair transplant treatments from a dual board certified plastic surgeon distinguishes Beverly Hills Hair Group from other hair restoration clinics nationwide. Dr. Ben Talei is the founder and chief facial plastic surgeon at the Beverly Hills Center for Facial Plastic Surgery. To assist patients achieve a more confident appearance, he understands the combination of artistic creativity and skilled expertise that is required. With regard to hair loss, our clinic provides state-of-the-art treatments to both men and women in order to restore their youthful, full and healthy heads of hair. Patient comfort is enhanced by the use of the most up-to-date hair transplant technology, which leads in long-lasting, natural results.

Whatever your hair loss concerns are, you may put your trust in Dr. Talei to resolve them. The doctor is a well-known and accomplished plastic surgeon who has made significant contributions to his area. The completion of two independent fellowships in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery made Dr. Talei one of the few surgeons in the country to achieve this distinction. In addition to his caring nature, he is renowned for his unequalled ability to achieve the most natural-looking outcomes possible through the use of least invasive procedures. With his effective hair loss therapies, Dr. Talei continues to build on his reputation for assisting patients in reclaiming a more confident appearance and way of life.


Ziering Medical, which is led by famous hair transplant surgeon Dr. Craig Ziering, is home to a world-renowned team of surgeons that have brought hair restoration to the level of an art. As a result of their incredible work, Ziering has become one of the most prestigious and sought-after hair restoration doctors in the world, with a celebrity-studded clientele that includes celebrities such as actors, athletes, musicians, and top executives – people who must always look their best in public. Due to technological advancements, such as the Ziering Microscope for follicular unit dissection and the introduction of ultra-fine medical hair restoration surgical blades, creative surgery may now be used to restore hair that has a perfectly natural appearance. Since its inception in the early 1990s, the process of Microscopic Follicular Unit Grafting has evolved into the refined and accurate hair loss surgical procedure that is now offered by Ziering Medical. This procedure is considered to be the gold standard in medical hair restoration. In an era where hair restoration technology is constantly evolving, the distinction between a decent result and a terrific one is becoming increasingly dependent on the expertise, ability, and artistry of the surgeon.

Dr. Ziering possesses exceptional abilities in both the technical and creative aspects of hair loss surgery. Besides his great patient outcomes, his unique expertise is recognised by his peers who strive to comprehend and mimic his natural ability in order to advance the field of dentistry. Doctor Ziering has been invited to teach his fellow hair restoration surgeons about the fundamentals of natural hairline design and to speak about the aesthetic sense he has gained over 20 years in the field for the past two years by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons.

5- LA FUE Hair Clinic

Doctors Jacques Abrahamian MPAS, PA-C and Dr. George Abrahamian MD founded the LA FUE Hair Clinic in 1989. There is no doubt that the LA FUE Hair Clinic is the best spot to obtain a hair transplant in Los Angeles. Incorporating the most recent Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique, The Los Angeles FUE Hair Clinic provides the best FUE hair transplant and FUE hair restoration procedures to patients suffering from hair loss. Clearly, the professionals at LA FUE Hair Clinic are among the most knowledgeable and skilled individuals working in the field of hair transplantation and restoration.

At the LA FUE Hair Clinic, they have a team of specialists who have more than ten years of combined experience in the field of FUE hair transplantation and hair restoration. They are proud to be one of the few hair transplant clinics in Pasadena and the surrounding areas of Los Angeles that can provide their clients with the most effective FUE Hair Transplant treatment available on the market. Only Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) methods are employed in order to provide the greatest quality hair restoration for their patients’ hair loss problems. The importance of both art and science at LA FUE Hair Clinic cannot be overstated. When a natural hairline is created, the stylist takes into consideration the individual’s specific facial features and works with them to produce a framing effect.

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