Best hair transplant clinics and surgeons in Miami

The United States is one of the most industrialised countries on the planet, and its medical tourism business takes great satisfaction in being on the cutting edge of technological advancement and innovation. Procedural advancements in hair transplantation procedures occur quickly in this area, and state-of-the-art hair grafting equipment is frequently invented and built right here in the country. The high grade of hair transplant clinics in Miami, United States, as well as the desire for physical perfection among its citizens, makes the city an ideal destination for luring world-renowned hair transplant surgeons to practise there.

Despite the fact that there are thousands of options to pick from, the finest hair transplant clinics in Miami tend to have their own unique way of distinguishing themselves from the competition. From innovative treatments to a wealth of experience, prestigious honours, and raving client reviews, the greatest doctors may be found in the different hair restoration clinics and hair transplantation centres in Miami. Many of the hair loss clinics listed below are interchangeable in terms of ranking, with little difference between them in terms of hair transplant competence and expertise, as well as overall results.

How to Choose a Hair Transplant Clinic and Surgeon in Miami

In most times, plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and physicians with medical aesthetics certificates are the most qualified to perform hair transplant surgery. When looking for skilled hair transplant specialists in Miami, USA, it is important to evaluate their experience and qualifications. Also, there are other factors to consider and these includes:

  • Medical licences and certifications
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Number of successful hair transplant procedures
  • The number of satisfied customers who brag about the excellent service they received
  • Advanced Methodologies

Pricing in Miami

The cost of hair transplant surgery in Miami, USA might vary depending on the surgeon and the reputation of the clinic, as well as the number of hair transplants that are needed. For FUE hair transplants in a top Miami clinic, the usual cost starts at around $5.50 per graft, which translates to approximately $10,000 to $11,500 for a total of 4000-5000 hair grafts. The cost of DHI treatments is approximately 20-25 percent higher than the cost of FUE hair transplantation, with prices ranging from $12,000 to $14,500 on average.

Best Hair Transplant Clinics and Surgeons in Miami

1- Bosley Miami


If you are suffering from hair loss and live in or around the Miami region, you can visit the Bosley office in Downtown Miami for assistance. Before undergoing hair transplant surgery, patients can take advantage of a complimentary customised hair loss diagnosis provided by the clinic. The hair transplant facility in Miami, Florida, is located just south of Bayfront Park, close to downtown, and is known as the “Bosley Hair Transplant Clinic.” The clinic is staffed with highly qualified specialists that can assist their patients in understanding the root cause of their hair loss, discussing their choices, and working with them to design a specific hair restoration strategy to restore their hair. When it comes to treating hair loss, Bosley can assist patients at any stage of the process.

Hair transplantation is a complex procedure that requires a physician to consider various parameters that are specific to each patient’s hair loss profile in order to achieve the best potential results. Medical hair restoration specialists at Bosley create individualised treatment programmes for each and every one of their patients. People from all walks of life can have their hair restored with the help of Bosley, regardless of their financial situation. With the assistance of Bosley, it is possible to have hair restoration done at a price that is suitable for almost any budget. Despite the fact that they’ve assisted some of the world’s most famous actors, musicians, and sports personalities, simple financing options and cutting-edge technology have made hair restoration accessible to practically any patient in need of hair restoration.

2- Craft

body by craft

Dr. Philip Craft is regarded as a pioneer in the field of aesthetic reconstructive surgery in Miami. In all fields of plastic surgery, he is well-educated and skilled; nevertheless, he focuses mostly on hair transplant treatments and aesthetic surgery of the breast, body, and face, among other procedures. Dr. Craft’s professional career began after he graduated with honours from the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Medicine. Later, at the University of Tennessee, Dr. Phillip Craft received additional training in plastic surgery and burn surgery, which he completed in 2004. To further develop his skills and knowledge in cosmetic surgery after graduating from Plastic Surgery school, Dr. Craft organised a year of specialised cosmetic surgery training with some of the world’s most known and experienced practitioners in the area of cosmetic surgery.

His extensive research in the domains of hair transplantation procedures, body lifts, body contouring after significant weight reduction, and facelifts has elevated him to the position of a highly sought-after and versatile cosmetic surgeon with a wealth of knowledge and practical experience. Dr. Craft got significant hair restoration training as part of his educational programme, and he has enjoyed honing his skills over the years to become even more proficient. Dr. Craft treats his patients in a secure and caring environment, utilising the most up-to-date treatment technologies and surgical abilities currently available in the market. In everything he does, Dr. Craft is committed to giving his patient a radiant and natural-looking results while keeping the health, safety, and privacy at the forefront of his thoughts and decisions. Hair restoration procedures can improve your self-esteem and make you feel more attractive on the inside and outside, and no one else will be aware of your treatment.

In Miami, Dr. Phillip Craft has established himself as a well-known cosmetic surgeon who has developed an artistic flair for achieving results that are as natural-looking as possible. He is also a well-respected surgeon for those who are interested in hair restoration operations and therapies such as PRP, FUE, or ARTAS.

3- Aron Nusbaum, M.D. – Miami Hair Institute

miami hair institute

Aron Nusbaum, M.D. is a board-certified dermatologist who specialises in hair restoration surgery, medical hair loss treatment, and Platelet Rich Plasma. Among his many credentials are his Diplomate status with the American Board of Dermatology as well as his Fellowship status with the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery and the American Academy of Dermatology. Dr. Nusbaum is a highly skilled hair restoration surgeon who is well-known for his ability to provide dense, natural-looking results in a single surgical session. Using state-of-the-art imaging technologies for the diagnosis and treatment of hair loss, he has earned a reputation as a leading authority in the field.

Dr. Nusbaum has authored and co-authored numerous articles and book chapters in the medical literature on the topic of hair loss therapy. As well as his teaching, he is well-known for his research, having completed a Fellowship in Regenerative Medicine, for which he was awarded multiple First Place National Awards. The University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital is where Dr. Nusbaum finished his Dermatology Residency, where he was recognised with the Award for Excellence in Dermatologic Surgery and gained expertise in hair diseases while working with world-renowned experts in the field of dermatology. He is also a graduate of the famous Medical Scholars Program at the University of Miami, where he earned both his Bachelor of Science and M.D. degrees with Research Distinction while completing his undergraduate and medical degrees.

4- Nova Medical Hair Transplant Clinic

nova medical

All of the clients at the Nova Medical Hair Transplant Clinic are treated like VIPs, and they are empowered to take charge of their image while regaining confidence in their look. Nova Medical is a popular cosmetic surgery destination among celebrities and busy workers alike, and it is home to a diverse range of celebrities that require aesthetic procedures. When looking for a qualified and experienced hair loss clinic for your transplantation, it is crucial to avoid cosmetic spas that have lately included hair transplantation to their extensive range of beauty treatments. Ensure that you are treated by a hair loss specialist who is at the forefront of medical and technology breakthroughs in FUE in Miami. This cutting-edge and highly specialised hair transplant facility in Miami Will provide you with  top-of-the-line items that are specifically intended to complement each treatment.

The committed staff at this clinic will take your specific budget, goals, and expectations into consideration in order to present you with solutions that best meet your objectives while also providing the most value for your investment. Nova hair transplant clinic provides a wide choice of options for patients who are suffering from hair loss, and they are always willing to collaborate with their patients to build a customised hair restoration package that will set the wheels in motion for your unique change.

5- Natural Hair Transplant Surgery

natural hair transplant

The majority of their hair loss patients come to Natural Hair Restoration Clinic from locations outside the immediate surrounding areas of the clinic. In fact, the clinic have worked with people who have suffered from hair loss from all over the world. The clinic believes that travelling to locate the best doctors should not be a deterrent, they are offers a travel bonus of up to $1,000 to assist you with these fees.

The staff of Natural Hair Transplant Surgery are available for a complimentary pre-procedure consultation as well as a post-procedure talk to address any questions you may have or to check in on your progress. Remember that just because a doctor is close by and convenient does not necessarily imply that they are the best pick.

Natural Hair Transplants offers over 1000 photographs and videos of actual patients’ results before, during, and after their hair transplant. These photographs and videos can be viewed by visiting their website. The cost of a clinic hair transplant varies depending on the patient, however it is often between $6,000 and $16,000 on average. All costs are completely revealed in advance and will never be subject to revision. There are no additional fees or hidden charges, so there will be no unpleasant surprises. The results of a hair transplant at Natural Hair Transplants in Miami, FL will be a thicker, more full-looking head of hair that is more natural-looking in appearance.

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