Best Hair Transplant Clinics and Surgeons in New Orleans

Hair loss is caused by so many factors, and the most common of it all is hereditary. This means, if your parents are bald or suffer any condition that points to hair loss at an early age, the chances are high you’ll go through the same. And when this happens, and it’s not addressed on time, its psychological effects are acute.

To avoid these effects, you should consider hair transplant surgery. It’s a proven treatment option that permanently resolves hair loss. However, it has to be done correctly, so before you select a clinic or surgeon to handle your surgery, you have to be sure they are one of the best at what they do.

If you’re in New Orleans and hoping to make a good choice of a hair transplant clinic and surgeon, this article is for you. Here we’ll discuss expectations of hair transplants in New Orleans and suggest some of the best surgeons and clinics in the city. So keep reading to find out.

Hair Transplant in New Orleans

When you’re considering a city for your hair transplant, there are important things you have to check before making your decision. Some of these things include the availability of quality clinics around, the proficiency of the surgeons in the clinics, the quality of their services, their success rates, medical equipment, and downtime, among many others. Once you can tick all these boxes in a city, you shouldn’t have any problem having your hair transplant there.

As a thriving multicultural city in the United States, New Orleans ticks all the boxes for a great place to have hair transplant surgery. In addition, being one of the most-visited cities in the US, standards are high in terms of hair care service delivery. So whether you’re a resident or a tourist, it’s a great place to have your hair transplant.

However, as we advised earlier, you have to do diligent research to determine the best surgeon and clinic to have it. Therefore, we’ll recommend some of the best clinics and surgeons you can evaluate for your hair transplant to make things easier for you.

Best Hair Transplant Clinics and Surgeons in New Orleans

The following are some of the highly-rated surgeons and their clinics in New Orleans:

1. Gulf Coast Hair Restoration – Dr. Woessner

gulf coast hair restoration

As much as price shouldn’t be a major determining factor in selecting a clinic for your hair transplant, if you’re looking for one with a reasonable price that matches the quality of services and results, Gulf Coast Hair Restoration clinic is the place to be. With their understanding that hair restoration is a personal decision, they offer unique solutions that best solve your hair loss conditions. The objective of all staff in this clinic is to help every patient improve their appearance that has been flawed by excessive hair loss.

They offer patients the two major hair transplant techniques; follicular unit extraction and follicular unit transplant. At this clinic, you’ll receive pre-operative care instructions immediately after your consultation and post-operative care instructions after your surgery. For patients that aren’t suitable for hair transplant or those whose conditions are very mild, the clinic also offers medical treatments to correct the condition.

Dr. Woessner and his team of certified and skillful medical practitioners have solidified the clinic’s presence as one of the best in the city. They’ve been doing this through thousands of operations with a high success rate for over 15years. The goal remains the maximization of value while minimizing cost.

2. Sean Weiss Clinic – Dr. Sean Weiss

sean weiss clinic

It’s impossible to deny the impact of technological advancement in cosmetic surgery, particularly hair transplants. It’s improved existing methods and opened doors for newer methods. As a clinic, Sean Weiss hair clinic is one of the many clinics leveraging the potency of technology to offer patients natural-looking hair restoration.

Dr. Weiss, the lead surgeon, is reputable for his clinical excellence in using ARTAS Robotic hair transplant. This technique is minimally invasive, doesn’t leave linear scars around the donor area, gives minimal discomfort with a short recovery period, and a natural-looking result. You’re a suitable candidate for this effective procedure as long as you still have some hair left on your head.

With a series of industry-trained staff offering varieties of cosmetic procedures, Sean Weiss Clinic is a great place to have your hair transplant. They offer their patients unparalleled attention while delivering the best care that assures outstanding outcomes.

3. Bosley, New Orleans – Dr. Frank Campisi


Bosley is one of the few hair transplant clinics with a strong presence in so many cities in the United States. They are an industry giant that has been around for a while, helping patients solve hair loss conditions, whether it’s in a mild or severe stage. With an experienced surgeon and trained counselors, you can have a remarkable hair restoration treatment here at an affordable rate.

They also offer patients a guarantee involving the reimplantation of grafts that fail to grow. Their goal is to give every patient the result they’ve always wanted while restoring their confidence in their appearance. You can have surgical procedures like follicular unit extraction and follicular unit transplant, Biograft surgery that involves the combination of FUE with Xtrands. You can also have non-surgical treatments that include Low-level Laser therapy and scalp micropigmentation.

Dr. Frank Campisi oversees the whole process, ensuring every detail is observed with precision and efficiency. As a result, you can add to their successful operations by choosing them for your transplant.

Price of Hair Transplant for Clinics in New Orleans

The price of a hair transplant varies from one clinic to another in New Orleans the same way it does in other cities in the United States. That’s because the price is affected by certain factors like the procedure you get, the grafts you need, the severity of your hair loss, etc. But when we factor everything together, hair transplant costs between $4,000 to $10,000 in New Orleans.

Final Thoughts

Since there’s a permanent solution for your hair loss, you need to get it and say goodbye to hair loss. If you’re concerned about the price, you should discuss ways to make payments easier with your surgeon.

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