Best Hair Transplant Clinics and Surgeons in Ottawa

There’s so much delight in appearing at your best, no matter the occasion. But when you’re struggling with hair loss, you may not have so much confidence in your appearance, which might reduce your interest in many social activities. The good news is that you can resolve hair loss with hair transplant surgery.

However, it’s important to note that the potency of hair transplant to end baldness and hair loss lies in the quality of who and where it’s performed. Simply put, the result of your hair transplant is as good as wherever it is done and whoever does it. Therefore, it’s always crucial for you to have yours done by the best surgeons in the best clinics.

If you’re in Ottawa wondering which clinics and surgeons are the best, this is the place to find out. We’ll recommend five of Ottawa’s best hair transplant clinics and surgeons here. So keep reading to find out the one that most appeals to you.

Five of the Best Hair Transplant Clinics and Surgeons in Ottawa

The following are some of the best hair transplant clinics and surgeons in Ottawa:

1- CapilClinic, Ottawa – Dr. Oguz Kayiran

Undoubtedly, one of the reasons many enterprises are created is to maximize profits. As true as this is, there are many enterprises that are more focused on offering genuine service, and one of them is CapilClinic. Patient care is the substructure upon which the superstructure of the clinic is built, and uncoincidentally, that has brought them so much success.

So if you’re in search of a clinic in Ottawa that’ll prioritize your hair loss problems to find the right solutions to it, CapilClinic is the place to be. The lead surgeon Dr. Oguz Kayiran is an internationally recognized surgeon with many years of experience. Under his supervision, the clinic has conducted thousands of FUE hair transplants on many patients locally and internationally. You can become one of those that have benefited from Dr. Oguz’s expertise and his clinic’s genuine services by choosing CapilClinic.

2- Rahal Hair Transplant – Dr. Rahal

What separates the best clinics and surgeons from regular clinics and surgeons is the quality of their services. And as far as Rahal Hair Transplant clinic is concerned, its commitment to quality care delivery is unrivaled. A testament to this fact is the appellation “hairline king” given to the lead surgeon, Dr. Rahal.

Regardless of your hair loss condition, Rahal hair transplant clinic, Ottawa, is one you can trust to help regain your hair and the confidence you need in your appearance. They perform the FUT and FUE transplants with their modern equipment used by passionate industry-experienced staff. You can leverage all these to get your hair back.

3- Pai Medical Group – Dr. Bea Gerbrands

With so many branches across the globe, Pai Hair Restoration clinic has gained the trust of thousands of patients by offering them timely solutions to their hair loss conditions. For them, excellent care delivery is paramount and remains what they strive for while dealing with every patient. The same thing plays out in their branch in Ottawa, and you can check them out for your hair transplant.

Here, they offer varieties of regenerative hair procedures from their novel MUHG and multi-unit hair grafting to FUE and FUT techniques, scalp micropigmentation, corrective transplant, ARTAS procedure, laser therapy, etc. They can do all of these due to the availability of skilled professionals and the best industry-required technology. The success of this clinic is a result of the services of people who are committed to excellent care delivery to all patients that demand it.

4- SpaMedica  – Dr. Mulholland

SpaMedica is a hair loss restoration clinic offering both surgical and non-surgical procedures. They are one of the few clinics leveraging medical technology to offer patients quality care in hair restoration. Dr. Mulholland, the lead surgeon, is skilled in automated FUE transplant technique that assures the most natural-looking result with minimal indication of a hair transplant.

The personality of this clinic is built around individualized patient care, meaning every solution is designed to fit specific patients’ conditions. This is why they’ve achieved a high level of patient satisfaction. So if you’re in Ottawa and hoping to get a standardized FUE transplant, you should contact SpaMedica.

5- Sure Hair International – Dr. A. K. Gupta

With well over 30years of experience in hair restoration treatment, Sure Hair International has become one of the best. Focused solely on surgical hair restoration, the clinic has performed over 6,000 successful hair transplants on foreign and local patients. These successful operations result from the experiences of the medical staff, which, if added together, is up to 150years.

The facility in Ottawa is built to fit global standards and is furnished with the latest equipment. Dr. Gupta constantly explores these instruments to identify those that are most suitable for his surgeries. The objective of this clinic is to help patients restore lost hair and lost self-esteem. So if you’re suffering hair loss and hoping to get a successful hair transplant, you should check Sure Hair International, Ottawa.

The Cost of Hair Transplant in Ottawa

Given the variety of hair transplant clinics available in Ottawa, the cost of a hair transplant isn’t the same. What’s more, some factors influence the cost, including the size of the area that requires the implant, the technique you want, and the sessions required to get it done. However, the cost of a hair transplant in Ottawa is between $5,000 to $15,000. The good thing is each of these clinics has created finance options patients can select to make payment more comfortable. So ensure you discuss it all with your surgeon during consultation.

Final Words

Except if you enjoy traveling for medical purposes, you can always have your hair transplant done in Ottawa and still get the best care you’ll get in other places. That’s because of the availability of quality clinics and surgeons in the capital. Evaluate our suggestions and do personal research before choosing because this will go a long way in achieving the results you’ve always wanted.

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