Best hair transplant clinics and surgeons in Tennessee

Do you experience thinning or loss of hair? Is your hairline getting thinner over time? Are you balding? There is a remedy available to you if the answer is yes and you live in the state of Tennessee. There are experience and trusted surgeons and clinics in Tennessee that also boast of state of the art technology. In this article we would be showing you some of the most experienced surgeons and clinics that have made it their mission to assist you in reversing hair thinning by providing a therapy that is effective. They would be able to permanently regrow your natural hair through a one-time hair restoration technique that is quick, simple, and has very little downtime.

Best hair transplant clinics and surgeons in Tennessee

1- We Grow Hair / PAI Medical Group

PAI Medical Group

PAI Medical Group is Nashville’s – Tennessee top choice for hair transplantation and the city’s most reputable hair transplant clinic. It was created in 1984 and for more than two decades now, they’ve been operating their Nashville Hair Transplant Center. In the modern era of hair transplantation, the “pluggy” style came to an end. However, PAI was not content with the trajectory that most clinics were taking. They hoped to offer something even better. Hair transplantation surgery known as Multi-Unit Hair GraftingTM was developed in part by the Nashville clinic (MUHG). At some point, MUHG would establish PAI’s reputation as one of North America’s premier hair restoration facilities as a result of its success as a signature operation.

When it comes to hair transplants and non-surgical therapies, We Grow Hair / PAI Medical Group of Nashville has been a leader in the field of science and technology for more than 26 years. The Better Business Bureau has given them an A+ rating, and hundreds of people have given them a 5-star rating on Google because of this. In the South East, they have the most innovative and reliable hair restoration options. To improve and pleasure the lives of people they treat, the clinic’s culture is distinctive. Patients and staff alike are covered under this policy, so they should not feel left out. Patients at their boutique-style clinic should expect a one-on-one encounter from the staff. They want you to know that you’re their top priority from the time you walk through their door. In many cases, the doctor-patient relationship endures long after the diagnosis has ended.

2- Nashville Hair Doctor – Daryl Watson


As one of the Southeast’s premier hair transplant providers, they take great pride in their job and treatment. The Hair Doctor is a service of NuBody Concepts Plastic Surgery, which has location in Nashville-Tennessee, Memphis, and Louisville. A board-certified plastic surgeon oversees each of their facilities, which are staffed by a group of registered nurses and medical assistants. They are known for delivering the most natural-looking results and an unforgettable experience. Different professionals, such as Daryl Watson and Carolyn Yu, work at the facility. Daryl has 22 years of experience in hair restoration, both with the FUT (Strip Method) and the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction also known as NeoGraft). All aspects of hair restoration, including management and training, have been a part of her professional experience and training career. Due to the effectiveness of the NeoGraft hair transplants she has performed since getting her Medical Assistant diploma in San Pedro, CA, Daryl prefers to choose this method over any other because of its high rate of graft survival. Daryl has realized that being a part of each patient’s journey is a very essential role for her during her career in hair restoration. As a professional hairstylist, she takes her responsibility to improve her clients’ hairlines and lives very seriously.

3- Nashville Hair Clinic

Nashville hair clinic

Over the past 20 years, hair restoration and hair transplant procedures have evolved. Hair transplant patients today demand a more natural result from the treatments that are being done. As a result of today’s advanced hair transplantation techniques, results are nearly invisible. Also studies has shown that more than 100 million Americans, both men and women, are affected by some form of hair loss, and Nashville is no exception as tens of thousands of Tennesseans are now included in this ever-expanding group.

Therefore if you’ve been suffering from hair loss, you’re in good hands with Dr. Marvel’s team of hair restoration professionals at Nashville Hair Clinic. They make use of one of the best follicular unit extraction methods available, which is widely regarded as the gold standard in the industry. Hair transplants performed by their hair transplant surgeon and his colleagues are of exceptional quality, thanks in part to their training and experience in cosmetic surgery.


Hipihair partners

For more than a decade, HP Hair Partners has been based in Nashville, Tennessee. In addition to treating hair loss, HPIHair Partners also provides a holistic approach to hair and scalp care. They expert staff is dedicated to identifying the underlying causes of hair thinning through a fresh approach to study. Treatments span from scalp treatments to topical and supplementary therapy, providing the most advanced tailored treatment for each individual client. In total, their team of caring professionals has over 40 years of expertise. Their Trichologists, hair loss specialists, hair replacement professionals, and doctors are well-known for their wide range of hair loss treatment options for women, men, and children of all ages. All consultations are private and confidential and can be held in person, over the phone, or via telehealth. Androgenic alopecia, stress, hormones and the thyroid are just some of the conditions that can cause hair loss. Their team of unique and sympathetic professionals such as Kimberly Vaughn is here to help you with any and all of your hair loss concerns. Kimberly Vaughn and her team use cutting-edge technology and holistic hair and scalp health to restore confidence in their clients. She is a board-certified trichologist who has dedicated her career to the study of hair and scalp for more than two decades. She has treated hundreds of patients effectively over the course of her career and is renowned across the world as a leading specialist in hair loss prevention science and practice.

5- Hair Club


HairClub has helped more than half a million people reclaim their hair over the past four decades. To help you reclaim your hair, they provide only proven, time-tested remedies, along with cutting-edge technology and real-world hair loss experience. In his early twenties, Sy Sperling, the creator of Hair Club, began to lose his hair and been dissatisfied with the poor-quality, generic hair loss therapies on the market, he came up with an alternative. Hair club has come a long way since its humble beginnings. Among all of their accomplishments over the past four decades, they’re most proud of one thing: showing their members how much they appreciate them.

They can brag of having over 650 highly trained and competent stylists and hair loss experts working for them at their clinic, who provide expert consultations and can analyze any severity of hair loss. In addition, the clinic provides each patient with a unique set of hair care options. Their size isn’t universal. No matter what your age, gender, ethnicity, or hair type may be, the clinic’s individualized treatment plans are intended to meet your personal hair demands. Finally, the clinic provides its teaming patients excellent value. As a result of their firm belief that price should not be a barrier to good hair care, they provide a wide range of hair care products and services to suit a wide range of demands and budgets. HairClub offers a free, no-obligation hair and scalp examination to check the health of their patient’s scalp and gauge the extent of the patient’s hair loss problems. Analyses are carried out in the privacy of a consultation room by a certified professional. Using a variety of magnification settings, its cutting-edge video scope digitally analyzes your thinnest sections. During the consultation, you’ll be shown a magnified image of your scalp and hair on a large screen by a hair loss expert. The examination helps establish how much hair you’ve lost and which of their proven, personalized solutions is most suited to your individual needs.

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