Best hair transplant clinics and surgeons in Virginia

In a hair transplant, a plastic or dermatological surgeon inserts hair follicles into an area of the scalp that has been bald for an extended period of time. Hair is typically moved from the rear or side of the head to the front or crown of the head by the surgeon during this procedure.. At a medical office under local anesthetic, hair transplants are commonplace and usually successful. A genetic predisposition to pattern baldness accounts for the vast majority of cases of hair thinning. The remaining occurrences are caused by a wide range of causes, including food, stress, disease, hormone imbalance, and drugs. When it comes to hair transplantation, both men and women, are concerned about their hair, particularly those who live in Virginia. To help you find the top hair transplant clinics and doctors, we’ve handpicked a few of our favorites in this post.

Best hair transplant clinics and surgeons in Virginia


Dr. Craig Vigliante

Dr. Vigliante is a specialist in hair transplant surgery. The majority of his work involves the head and neck as he is an Ivy League-trained aesthetic face surgeon. He has been trained by some of the world’s most renowned hair transplant specialists. Additional training in cosmetic facial surgery and hair transplantation was done at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Texas, after his surgical residency. At INOVA Loudoun Hospital, Dr. Vigliante is the first cosmetic surgeon to be granted full operating privileges in facial cosmetic surgery. First FDA authorized follicular unit harvesting and implantation technology for exceptional hair transplant results is used at Virginia Hair Transplant clinics. Among the most cutting-edge methods for hair restoration used by Dr. Vigliante is the NeoGraft technology. This method automates the FUE procedure. In order to harvest and transplant individual hair follicles, Dr Vigliante employs pneumatic controls that allow for exact extraction.

2- MAXIM Hair Restoration

Maxime hair restoration

MAXIM Hair Restoration in Northern Virginia, will assist you if you’re looking for a hair restoration clinic you can trust and one that will deliver on its promises. FUT (Strip) and FUE Hair Transplant operations are performed by the MAXIM Virginia team in order to help their clients achieve their hair growth goals and Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) techniques meant to build or imitate a full head of hair is also used. MAXIM Hair Restoration in Alexandria, VA is here to help you see the difference and obtain natural-looking results if you’re experiencing scalp thinning or your eyebrows, beard, and mustache are becoming sparse. In addition, their doctors and clinicians have all been trained in critical care and ICU medicine at some of the most famous institutes in the country and abroad. Patients can expect to have a natural-looking, fuller head of hair because to their expertise in Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). A new and innovative ATERA FUE System has been installed in the Virginia clinic that digitally counts the grafts, has a harvest-to-placement lubrication system, and minimizes scalp damage. MAXIM Virginia’s hair transplant prices are reasonable, and they provide 0% financing.

Their Alexandria office is near the intersection of Edsell Road and I-395, right off the city’s main thoroughfare. Exit 2B for Edsall Rd. East, then Cherokee Avenue, if you’re coming in from the north or south.

3- Lindsey Medical Hair Transplant (NOVA)

lindsey medical

As a world-renowned hair transplant surgeon, Dr. Lindsey is well aware of the emotional toll hair loss can take on a person. As a result, he has built a stellar reputation for himself and his medical practice. Dr. Lindsey’s hair restoration procedure draws patients from all over the world. If you’re considering a hair restoration operation with Dr. Lindsey, you’ll be in good hands. Professionalism and patient care are top priorities for him. When you come in for a consultation, Dr. Lindsey and his staff go out of their way to ensure that you are entirely at ease during the entire process.

Dr. Lindsey graduated from the University of Richmond in 1986 with a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry. At UVA, he earned his medical degree in 1990 and then went on to finish a residency in Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery in the same year. It was made possible for him to continue his training in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery via a fellowship offered by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in South Carolina. After finishing his fellowship, Dr. Lindsey returned to the University of Virginia for a four-year stint as an assistant professor in the department of otolaryngology. In 2000, he moved to Northern Virginia and joined the faculty at the George Washington University Medical Center, where he began practicing hair transplantation and facial plastic surgery.

He has been practicing hair transplantation for more than 19 years with thousands of delighted clients. Dr. Lindsey’s unique protocols and approaches have garnered him worldwide acclaim among patients and surgeons alike after he trained and worked with some of the industry’s greatest names. In his many years of practice, Dr. Lindsey has gathered a large number of satisfied patients and several of these testimonies from actual patients can be found on most of the popular hair loss forum in existence.

4- PAI Medical Group

pai medical group

In McLean, Virginia, the PAI Medical Hair Restoration Group has built an excellent reputation as a cutting-edge provider of hair transplantation. Their dedication to aesthetic and surgical excellence, attention to detail, and patient success has set a standard in the hair transplant industry that is unmatched today. It is their goal to provide their patients with the best, most natural surgical hair transplants so that you can not only restore your hair but also your life. Men and women who are suffering from hair loss can turn to the PAI Medical Group in McLean, Virginia for a variety of clinically proven, all-natural hair restoration options, including surgical and non-surgical hair transplantation, trichological hair and scalp treatments, and other hair loss-related procedures.

In addition to their exclusive MUHGTM multi-unit hair graft transplants, EPT hair therapy, and FDA-cleared low-level laser hair loss treatment programs, they also provide ARTAS robotic FUE hair restoration and EPT therapy. Each of their professionally proven hair loss remedies is customized for men and women of all ages and hair kinds, regardless of hair type.

Hair transplant and hair restoration therapies provided by PAI Medical Group are the best in the United States. Using the most advanced surgical hair restoration treatments and hair transplant technology in the world, together with rigorous attention to aesthetics and surgical excellence, and a culture of complete patient trust, care and satisfaction, shows that they are dedicated to their goal. Some of the surgical alternatives they provide for hair restoration includes male and female ARTAS FUE hair transplants, removal of existing hair flaps and plugs, as well as transgender hair restoration.

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