Anatolia Hair Clinic

Anatolia Hair Clinic, a privately-owned clinic located in Turkey’s bustling capital city, is dedicated to providing exceptional hair restoration services. With a strong emphasis on successful hair transplants, the clinic attracts patients from Western Europe, the Arab League, North America, and the Americas. Situated within the Acibadem Altunizade Hospital, the Anatolia Hair Clinic operates as part of the renowned Acibadem Healthcare Group.

Within the modern facilities of Turkey’s Acibadem Healthcare Group, the Anatolia Hair Clinic performs over 1600 procedures annually. Acibadem Altunizade Hospital, the 21st facility managed by the Acibadem Healthcare Group, offers a comprehensive range of services to its patients. Benefiting from a multidisciplinary team, advanced medical technology, and innovative building design, the hospital has been instrumental in providing cosmetic transplants, including hair transplants, for the past 15 years.

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Hair Restoration Services Offered

Beard Transplantation: Embracing the Trend of Masculine Styling

Beards have long symbolized masculinity in various cultures, and they have become a fashionable addition for many men. Whether faced with regional deficiencies, thinning, or inherited causes, individuals can find solutions at Anatolia Hair Clinic. Psychological impacts caused by scars or imperfections in facial aesthetics are effectively addressed through the use of the FUE method, which allows for the transplantation of hair from both the head and chest. Utilizing a sapphire tip, the clinic ensures optimal success while minimizing tissue damage.

DHI Hair Transplant: Harnessing the Power of Immediate Donor Hair

The DHI method stands out for its immediate utilization of donor hair, enhancing the effectiveness of hair transplantation. Specialized tools and techniques are employed, combining the FUE hair transplantation technique with Direct Hair Transplantation. A pen-like COI tool is utilized for the precise transplantation of hair, achieving natural and satisfying results.

Sapphire Hair Transplant: Enhancing Productivity and Minimizing Tissue Damage

By incorporating grooving tools with Sapphire inserts, Anatolia Hair Clinic maximizes productivity and efficiency. Unlike traditional hair transplant methods that employ steel tools, this approach offers meticulous treatment at a micro level, significantly reducing tissue damage.

FUE Hair Transplantation for Men and Women

Hair loss affects both men and women, often leading to mental health issues such as depression. Anatolia Hair Clinic’s experts have successfully conducted FUE hair transplants for female clients throughout their 14 years of operation. This method ensures natural and satisfactory results, effectively combating the negative psychological impacts associated with hair loss.

Eyebrow Transplantation: Precision and Skill for Beautiful Brows

Achieving the correct transplantation angle is crucial, particularly when dealing with a limited number of grafts. Eyebrow transplants typically involve 400-700 grafts and require the expertise of specialists. Drawing from their extensive 14 years of experience, Anatolia Hair Clinic excels in providing effective eyebrow transplantation services to a diverse clientele.

Mustache Transplant: Completing the Masculine Look

The presence of a mustache is a key component of a man’s appearance. In cases where injuries or genetic factors have resulted in its absence or mildness, a mustache transplant using the FUE method can offer a permanent solution. Drawing from both head and chest hair as donor options, the clinic employs a sapphire tip during the transplant procedure to ensure optimal success and minimal tissue damage.

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