Anka Plastic Surgery Clinic

Unveiling a sanctuary of aesthetic wonders, Clinic Anka emerges as a haven where dreams of beauty and self-assurance come to life. This esteemed plastic surgery clinic was brought into existence through the visionary minds and skillful hands of two remarkable female surgeons, Op. Dr. Gamze BEKTA and Op. Dr. Ani NPOLAT. These pioneers in their field hold the esteemed title of board-certified plastic specialists, offering an array of transformative services encompassing cosmetic surgery procedures and medical aesthetics. Moreover, their unwavering commitment to collaborative excellence extends to diverse reconstruction realms, including the treatment of skin cancers, scar revisions, and the delicate journey of breast reconstruction post breast cancer treatment.

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For those seeking a path to rejuvenation, Clinic Anka offers the gift of abdominoplasty, an extraordinary procedure tailored to individuals burdened by excess abdominal fat, sagging skin, and weakened muscles. Akin to a renaissance for the abdomen, this operation not only eradicates stubborn fat and damaged skin but also orchestrates a symphony of strength by skillfully suturing the abdominal muscles, bestowing newfound resilience and tautness upon this vital core. Additionally, for those seeking solace from the fissures adorning their abdominal canvas, a precious aftereffect of childbirth or weight fluctuations, abdominoplasty serves as an unparalleled method of liberation.

Nasal Refinement

Within the realm of aesthetic mastery lies the enchanting process of nasal refinement. Recognized by the medical cognoscenti as rhinoplasty, this transformative endeavor transcends the physical realm, gifting individuals not only with enhanced allure but also with a profound sense of self-esteem. As the surgeon delicately sculpts the nasal bone during this intricate dance of artistry, a groundbreaking tool, the piezo, whispers its ultrasonic magic, facilitating an elegant osteotomy procedure that ensures the sanctity of skin, blood vessels, and cartilage.

Arm Lift

Offering solace to those entranced by the allure of graceful arms, Clinic Anka unveils the transformative powers of brachioplasty. Through the artistry of Vaser liposuction, superfluous fat surrenders its grip, while the skin adorns itself with newfound firmness, rendering arms resplendent in their sculpted magnificence. Nonetheless, for those with sagging that lingers, arm lift treatment takes center stage, unveiling its prowess in banishing the most severe of drooping. With an expert touch, excess skin surrenders its hold, leaving behind a tapestry of reinvigorated tissues, seamlessly woven to restore the upper arm to its former glory. Though discreetly concealed on the inner realms of the patient’s arm, this transformative ritual is reserved for those yearning to address significant deformities and sagging, sculpting a future brimming with confidence.

Breast Augmentation

Amidst the realm of beauty’s grand tapestry, the art of breast augmentation reigns supreme, its essence captured within the ethereal realm of Clinic Anka. Embracing the marvels of contemporary medicine, silicone prostheses emerge as the epitome of efficacy and longevity in this transformative journey. Alternatives, such as aquafilling and lipofilling, adorn the stage with their swift allure, injecting water-binding substances with transitory impact. Alas, fleeting allure shall never satiate those yearning for permanence, for within the realms of surgical implantation lies the sacred path to authenticity. These masterfully crafted prostheses transcend expectations, imbuing the beholder with breasts that echo the natural form, sensation, and movement. A symphony of artistry, a testament to resilience, these prostheses bestow a permanence that echoes the depths of individuality, forever etching a portrait of captivating allure.

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