Dr. Erkan Demirsoy

Dr. Erkan Demirsoy, a highly experienced specialist in hair restoration, has dedicated over 22 years of his career to this field. He possesses expertise in hair surgery and has introduced advanced techniques to provide effective solutions to his patients. His clinic in Istanbul, Turkey, serves as the center for his innovative work.

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Transition to the FUE Method

Initially, Dr. Demirsoy employed the FUT procedure, involving the removal of a section of skin from the back of the patient’s head. This strip was then divided into individual hair grafts, which were later transplanted to the recipient area. However, in 2005, he embraced the FUE method, a modern and cutting-edge approach to hair restoration. Dr. Demirsoy skillfully performs this procedure, often aided by 2-3 assistants at his clinic.

Meticulous Care and Patient Focus

What sets Dr. Demirsoy apart from other hair restoration specialists in Turkey is his personal involvement in every procedure. Unlike large hospitals where nurses and assistants often perform these surgeries, Dr. Demirsoy takes on only one patient per day and carries out the entire process himself, with the assistance of his dedicated team. This focused approach ensures that the restoration process is meticulously executed, leading to more satisfying outcomes for his patients. It minimizes the need for corrective surgeries that are sometimes required when procedures are not performed by specialized professionals.

Achieving Natural Results

Dr. Demirsoy places great emphasis on meticulous planning and execution, leveraging his extensive knowledge and experience. He believes that this attention to detail is the key to achieving the most realistic-looking results. By carefully designing the hairline, extracting hair grafts, and creating recipient channels, he ensures that the transplantation work is conducted with utmost care and precision. The ultimate goal is to provide patients with natural-looking and high-performance outcomes.

Dr. Demirsoy’s Expertise and Recognition

As a distinguished alumnus of Gazi University in Turkey, Dr. Demirsoy has earned a well-deserved reputation in the field of hair restoration. He is a proud member of the esteemed International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) and is recognized as one of the top experts in his field within Turkey. His unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional healthcare services to his patients has further solidified his standing among his peers.

What to Expect

International patients seeking hair restoration procedures can conveniently contact Dr. Erkan Demirsoy’s office in Istanbul, Turkey. The clinic offers online consultations, pricing estimates, assistance with travel arrangements, and translation services to cater to the needs of international clients.

Eligibility and Preparation

To ensure optimal results, Dr. Demirsoy’s clinic focuses on stabilizing alopecia in younger patients. Therefore, the clinic exclusively treats individuals aged twenty-five and above. Additionally, young patients are required to take Finasteride before undergoing a transplant to halt the progression of alopecia. The German company Health Travels facilitates the process for international patients, charging a minimum of €2500 for the procedure, along with €220 for travel and accommodation expenses.

Procedure Details

Dr. Demirsoy can achieve high hair density (dense packing) with 30-40 grafts/cm², providing patients with satisfying results. During the procedure, which typically lasts 6 to 9 hours with periodic breaks, patients have the opportunity to watch television or listen to music. Moreover, Dr. Demirsoy also offers treatments to restore eyebrow shape, requiring 400-700 grafts, depending on the individual patient’s needs.

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