Hairmedico Clinic Dr Arslan Musbeh

Dr. Arslan Musbeh has emerged as a distinguished figure in the realm of hair transplant surgery throughout his illustrious career. The global appeal of Hairmedico stems from its unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional outcomes for individuals grappling with baldness.

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Unveiling Techniques for Optimal Results

Tailoring the approach to meet the specific requirements of each patient, Hairmedico offers a range of hair implantation techniques, including DHI, FUE, and Sapphire FUE. Striving for excellence, Dr. Arslan Musbeh conscientiously limits his daily patient load, attending to no more than one individual or a maximum of two.

Embarking on the Journey: Dr. Arslan Musbeh

In 2000, the promising Dr. Arslan Musbeh earned his medical degree from Odessa Medical University. He commenced his professional endeavors in Turkey, where he specialized in medical aesthetics and provided effective treatments for hair loss. After completing advanced studies in France, he established his practice in Paris and other regions of the country until 2011. His fascination with hair loss therapies and transplant surgeries blossomed during his studies and has continued to evolve over the years.

A Journey of Expertise and Recognition

Now, after 17 years of dedication, Dr. Arslan Musbeh is hailed as a renowned international specialist and educator in the field of hair transplants. The extensive knowledge he acquired during his training and professional engagements in France, coupled with his active participation in workshops and conferences, contributed significantly to his expertise.

Pioneering Advancements: The FUE Sapphire Procedure

Dr. Arslan Musbeh’s pioneering spirit led him to be the first to incorporate the use of a sapphire scalpel for incisions in the FUE procedure. Leveraging the FUE Sapphire technique, he has successfully conducted numerous hair transplant surgeries, amassing a wealth of experience along the way.

Services Offered by Hairmedico

Hair Transplant: Reclaim Your Confidence

The demand for hair transplants continues to surge globally. Pattern baldness often induces stress, leading individuals to withdraw from social interactions. At Hairmedico, situated in Istanbul, Turkey, a hub for top-notch hair transplant centers and skilled surgeons, you can anticipate exceptional outcomes. The cutting-edge technology employed by Hairmedico ensures outstanding results.

Eyebrow Transplant: Redefining Natural Beauty

Eyebrow hair transplant procedures are now performed individually, utilizing the FUE method similar to conventional hair transplants. The sparse growth of eyebrow bristles due to injury can be addressed through partial or complete reconstruction using surgical implants or a combination of hair and implants. These techniques enable the restoration of natural density and provide a comfortable and authentic look.

Beard Transplant: A Fuller, More Distinguished Look

Follicular unit extraction beard transplant surgery has gained immense popularity, offering a remarkable increase in hair density for the beard region. Achieving a natural appearance necessitates the precise implantation of a specific number of grafts. The recipient’s desired location, such as the beard, cheeks, mustache, sideburns, or a combination, determines the number of grafts required.


Dr. Arslan Musbeh’s unwavering commitment to his patients and passion for advancing hair transplant techniques have propelled him to the forefront of his field. With Hairmedico’s cutting-edge technology and comprehensive range of services, individuals can rediscover their confidence and redefine their appearance through effective hair transplant solutions.

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