Istinye University Liv Hospital Bahcesehir

In collaboration with MLP Care, renowned for their extensive knowledge and experience spanning over two decades in the medical field, ISU Liv Hospital Bahceşehir emerged as a beacon of exceptional healthcare. Since its inauguration in December 2016, the hospital has been dedicated to providing tertiary medical care, fostering education and research, and housing specialized centers like organ transplantation, spine health, vascular health, medical aesthetics, pain management, speech and language therapy, stroke rehabilitation, psycho-dietetics, sleep disorders, hair transplant, and medical oncology. Moreover, the hospital encompasses diverse interdisciplinary branches, including oncological procedures, hand surgery, bariatric surgery, interventional radiology, in vitro fertilization (IVF), palliative care, and advanced interventional radiology.

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A Fusion of Excellence: Istinye University and Liv Hospital

ISU Liv Hospital Bahceşehir represents the marriage of Istinye University’s intellectual approach and Liv Hospital’s unwavering commitment to flawless service. This union has given rise to what is hailed as “excellence in healthcare.” With a patient-centric approach, a skilled team, and a modern technological infrastructure, the hospital strives to deliver unparalleled medical services.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Standing tall at 21 stories with a sprawling closed area of 62,500 square meters, ISU Liv Hospital Bahceşehir is equipped with a cutting-edge smart building system. This system ensures prompt resolution of any issues that may arise within the structure. The hospital’s “Emergency” area is staffed by specialist physicians, and it boasts thirty observation rooms that can be swiftly converted into critical care units in times of unexpected medical crises.

To cater to the needs of its patients, the clinic operates round the clock, seven days a week. The hospital leaves no stone unturned in providing meticulous attention to all aspects of its operations. With a capacity of 394 beds (including the additional building), 10 beds for palliative care, 12 operating theaters (including 1 ART and 2 EYE), 94 critical care/observation beds, and an emergency helicopter service, ISU Liv Hospital Bahceşehir ensures comprehensive care and swift emergency transfers.

A Haven of Comfort

Patient satisfaction is paramount at ISU Liv Hospital Bahceşehir. The hospital takes a holistic approach to patient care, offering individualized medical services and ensuring the peace of mind of both patients and their loved ones. To this end, the hospital provides accommodation in rooms designed to cater to various needs, reminiscent of a luxurious five-star hotel.

Moreover, a range of amenities is available, including television and internet access in all rooms, patient-tailored dietary menus, a diverse selection of domestic and international channels, and a newspaper and magazine delivery service. Furthermore, the hospital boasts a welcoming lobby area featuring a café or bistro, where visitors can relish outstanding service and a delightful culinary experience.

Seamless Transportation

Strategically situated in a central area of Istanbul, ISU Liv Hospital Bahceşehir enjoys excellent accessibility. The hospital’s prime location near the Third Airport, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, TEM, and E5 connection roads makes it easily reachable via public transportation. Notably, the hospital stands directly across from Akbat AVM/Residence, serving as a convenient hub for various modes of transportation.

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