Lokman Hekim Istanbul Hospital

Emerging as a trailblazing “polyclinic,” Lokman Hekim Health Group set out to be the epitome of excellence whenever hospitals were mentioned. Nestled in Ankara’s vibrant Kurtuluş neighborhood, their ambitious motto, “Your Gateway to Healing,” transcended mere words, becoming a tangible reality. From its inception, the Lokman Hekim Health Group stood firm in its commitment to deliver impeccable customer service while upholding its responsibility as a conscientious business entity.

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Pioneering Technological Marvels: Where Science Meets Care

With an unwavering dedication to staying at the forefront of medical advancements, Lokman Hekim remains well-versed in the latest technological breakthroughs. This enables them to provide diagnostic and therapeutic services that are at the pinnacle of contemporary medical expertise. Patients who entrust their well-being to Lokman Hekim find solace in the knowledge that their treatment unfolds within a secure environment, supported by state-of-the-art imaging equipment and cutting-edge laboratory devices.

Fusion of Traditions: Bridging the Gap

The Lokman Hekim Health Group champions a noble mission—to bridge the gap between Eastern traditional medicine and Western modern medicine—while paying homage to the cultures, customs, and people from which these practices originated. East symbolizes age-old healing wisdom, while the West embodies the marvels of modern medical science.

Etlik Hospital: A Healing Haven

In 2002, Lokman Hekim Health Group established the renowned Etlik Hospital, which has consistently served as an open door to healing for an ever-expanding population. Swiftly gaining the trust and satisfaction of patients, this institution has proven its unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional healthcare services.

Ankara Hospital: Advancing Accessibility

Marking yet another milestone in accessible medical services, Lokman Hekim Health Group unveiled the Lokman Hekim Ankara Hospital in Sincan in 2008. Meticulously designed and constructed with cutting-edge facilities, including a helipad, this institution serves as a beacon of hope for critically ill patients transported by helicopter ambulances from Ankara and its surrounding areas, aiming to provide them with the best possible treatment and a chance at recovery.

Expanding Horizons: A Nation’s Progress

In 2011, Lokman Hekim Health Group solidified its commitment to the nation’s advancement by investing in the public health sector, making its mark on the Borsa Istanbul stock exchange. With a vision to cater to all socioeconomic groups and propel the nation forward, the group not only extended its services but also opened its stock to the general public.

In 2012, Lokman Hekim Health Group established the Lokman Hekim Van Hospital, aiming to extend superior medical services across the country. Amidst the aftermath of a devastating seismic calamity that struck the region, the group’s contributions to medicine and healing strengthened the bonds of affection between the community and the beloved Lokman Hekim.

Hayat Hospital: Uniting Communities

In a testament to the profound impact Lokman Hekim had on its community, the construction of Lokman Hekim Hayat Hospital was completed in a mere year, opening its doors to the public in 2013. Driven by the overwhelming encouragement from the neighborhood and the pressing healthcare needs of the local population, Lokman Hekim’s reach expanded not only to Van and its surroundings but also to individuals across national and international borders.

Lokman Hekim Health Group has not only revolutionized the healthcare landscape but has also forged an unbreakable bond with communities, bringing forth healing, innovation, and compassion to those in need. Through their unwavering dedication and commitment to excellence, Lokman Hekim continues to redefine the very essence of healthcare.

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