Hair Transplant in Omaha, best clinics and surgeons

In most cases, hair transplants are more effective than hair products that you can purchase over the counter. However, there are a few things to take into consideration a la hora dde llevar a cabo un Hair transplant in Omaha:

  • Within three to four months, 10 – 80 percent of hair that has been transplanted will have grown back completely.
  • Just like natural hair, hair that has been transplanted will thin out over time.
  • Plasma treatment may be able to aid approximately 75% of implanted hairs fully regrow, according to a study that was published in 2016. People who have dormant follicles can have less successful transplants, but a study that was published in 2016 indicates that plasma treatment may be able to help.


Having your hair transplant in Omaha, performed in a clinic that has been board certified will ensure that the procedure is successful. Plasma treatment is typically utilized to regrow hair in people who are balding or experiencing natural thinning of their hair. As well as those who have lost hair due to an injury. The following are the names of Omaha’s most reputable hair clinics and surgeons.

DGMD Medical

Hair Transplant in Omaha

It is a cutting-edge medical facility with a primary emphasis on wellness. The clinic provides a variety of unique treatments and services in the metropolitan area. The clinic’s mission is to keep them healthy, active, and operating normally at their optimal level to ensure that people can continue to experience life to the fullest.


The clinic wants its patients to feel a renewed zeal for life, which comes with a sense of excitement about beginning each new day. Because you are ultimately your most valuable possession, investing in yourself is in your best interest. It is critical for the clinic to provide individualized recommendations to customers regarding which member of our team would be the ideal fit for them. Instead of doing things conventionally, they have developed a system centered on the patient’s requirements.


The Team Who achieves the best results at Hair Transplant in Omaha


Dr. Daniel Gross, MD

Dr. Gross was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, and received his medical degree from the University of Nebraska College of Medicine. Before beginning his career at the New York Presbyterian hospital system, he finished his surgical apprenticeship at the University of Colorado School of Medicine and his research fellowship at the Massachusetts General Hospital. After completing a study in regenerative and anti-aging medicine, he returned to Omaha to start a mentorship with Dr. Jeffrey Passer, MD, a real pioneer in the alternative, anti-aging, and regenerative medicine


Sabrina Gross

Sabrina Gross, an RN with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, was also born in Omaha. After earning her nursing degree from Xavier University, she worked as a traveling nurse across the United States. Sabrina was a travel nurse for six years. During that time, she worked in various towns and hospitals around the country, including St. Joe’s Hospital in Omaha and Columbia University in New York City.


Her return to the Big Apple was precipitated by acquiring a managerial post at the Gramercy Surgery Center in New York City. This position lasted for four years. Sabrina decided to move back to Omaha to assist her brother, Dr. Daniel Gross, in running DGMD Medical while she was also managing two surgery locations.

Hair Specialists – Lincoln, the best Hair transplant in Omaha

Hair Transplant in Omaha

Since its founding in 1996, Hair Specialists has made providing excellent service and products its top concern. To ensure guests have a pleasant stay, they try to show them courtesy and accommodate their needs. The experts thoughtfully crafted the atmosphere at Hair Specialists with client convenience and discretion in mind. They are confident that you will find each of their services to be of the highest caliber. Turning their service into one of the best Hair transplant in Omaha.


Every one of the treatments and services is tailored specifically to meet your lifestyle requirements and your financial constraints. If you are beginning to notice that your hair is getting thinner or if you are already in the late phases of hair loss. They can assist you with their comprehensive range of tried-and-true and expertly administered treatment options.

Hair transplant in Omaha, goals of Hair Specialists

At Hair Specialists, one of the primary goals is to provide the independence. To select the option that serves your needs most optimally. They offer customers individualized, tailor-made remedies that are so remarkably organic that there is no longer any justification for them to continue to endure suffering.


They are committed to providing the highest quality hair loss remedies for everyone. In a comfortable, discreet, and private atmosphere. These solutions are custom-made and tailored to each individual.


The specialists in hair loss will consult with you to identify the most appropriate individualized treatment. They will do so without favoring any particular treatment over another. Your expectations will not only be met but also surpassed by their staff of highly skilled professionals. With years of relevant experience working in specialized fields.


Hair Specialists in Nebraska was the first clinic to offer a comprehensive range of hair restoration services. The hair specialist clinic will make every effort to provide you with the independence to select the unquestionably ideal solution. Considering your way of life and your financial situation.

ME Cosmetics excellent results at Hair Transplant in Omaha

logo ME cosmetics

The company’s founder, Camille Barreto, for twenty years battled thinning hair. During this time, she diligently sought a luxurious, self-assurance-boosting cosmetic product to cover her hair loss. However, she was never successful in her search.


Camille, fully aware that more than half of all women experience hair loss. And driven by her desire to assist women in resolving issues related to their appearance. Committed herself to create a transformational cosmetic solution. Camille turned ME Cosmetics into a brand very rapidly. Its aim is crystal clear: to help people go from feeling self-conscious to feeling self-confident.


With a degree of attention to detail, ME Cosmetics develops clean cosmetic treatments. That have been tested and approved by both dermatologists and consumers. They provide game-changing medicines. That address your aesthetic challenges straightforwardly and comprehensively from all angles.


ME Cosmetics is not simply a collection of individual items. They are a community in which everyone is recognized and heard. Enabling them to develop a transforming aesthetic arsenal that encourages women worldwide to face each day with courage and confidence.

Conclusion about Hair Transplant in Omaha, best clinics and surgeons

Before undertaking any hair transplant treatment, you should discuss your options with a qualified medical practitioner or a transplant surgeon.


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